Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You Know You're A ...

Linky, Linky, Linky Part-A!
The fabulous Abby over at The Inspired Apple is hosting a "You Know You're a ____ Teacher When..." Linky Party and I just HAD to join in the fun.
Off we go...

1) You're starving for dinner because the last time you ate was at 11 am.

2) You bug the nurse (and your husband) to check your head for lice more times than you'd like to admit.

3) You  are an expert at quality office supplies.
*I will never buy a stapler that isn't a Swingline. Crayola and Elmer's Rule!

4) When you come home from work you don't want to make any decisions or plans at all.

5) You'd rather do copies, answer e-mails, or check folders than spend those 3-5 minutes it is going to take to use the bathroom.

6) You're accused of being a witch because you knew Johnny had a piece of candy in his pocket, Sally had cut her hair, and Jane poured glue in her desk without actually seeing them do anything.

7) You crave adult time.

8) You are just as excited (if not more) than the kids about theme days. *I heart Pajama Day!

9) No matter how creative your lessons are and how many times you practice, you still have nightmares about the kids who just don't get it. "It's a dime. It's 10 cents. I don't know how else to explain it!"

10) You can't fight the urge to give the "look" at misbehaving kids when you are out in public.

11) You've been accused of treating your husband like you do your students. *Oops!

12) You have bruises on your thighs where you run into the kids' desks. (and it's always in the same spot!)

13) As you are watching movies or television, you can spot a person (child or adult) who has a speech problem.

14) AND you have to accept your flaws because your students will point them out every year. *Like I'm not totally aware how big my nose is!!!

Now why haven't you linked up yet?


  1. we totally had a lice out-break at school today! now we're going to be even more paranoid!

  2. I am SOOOOO with you on the hubby accusations about being treated like a student!!!! And I am SO guilty of it! Ha!

  3. I've got a set of "those" bruises right now! ...One on each leg!
    HA, HA!!

  4. Add me to the bruised list! It took me FOREVER to figure out where they were coming from, and then I realized they were exactly desk height... :)

  5. I'm SO with you on numbers 1, 4, 9, 10, and 12!

  6. I love numbers 9 and 12! I had an ex-boyfriend who used to think I was being naughty on the side from all of the constant bruising on my legs. I think they have become permanent fixtures on my legs!

  7. I love all your reasons, but the best are treating your husband like your students and the bruises from running into desks! I think the summertime is the only time of year I am without bruises on my thighs!