Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's the Matter?

Currently, we are having fun with Matter. We've had fun with size. We've had fun with shape. We've had fun with temperature. NOW, we're having fun with texture.

Here's the activity:
Prior to class: I'm going to place five items of different textures in brown paper bags. (The five textures I chose were feathers, leather, metal, cotton, and plastic.) 

First, I'm going to have the students feel inside bag #1 and make predictions of what they think the item may be based on their texture. Next, they will write their prediction in their books. After everyone feels the item and has written their prediction in their book, I will reveal the item. Last, they will record what the real item was in their books.
I'll repeat that whole process for bags 2-5.

Throughout the activity, I'll refer to the Texture Power Point  to reinforce their learning and provide another visual connection.

Happy Wednesday!

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