Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

It all started when my nieces, Molly and Morgan, wanted to bake something. Then, I remembered that incredibly cool rainbow cake I saw on The Inspired Apple. Now, I knew there was NO WAY I could recreate that cake. So, we opted for cupcakes.
It was NOT easy adding the batter!
*Plus, I figured this would be good practice for when I teach the Wizard of Oz Unit by Babbling Abby (another great idea, thank you!)
The girls loved adding the food coloring.
Of course, someone had to try them out first to make sure they were edible. Plus, he was super-stoked about my mad baking skills.
Taste the rainbow!
Unfortunately, I cannot enjoy any of them (darn celiac disease.) So, I fed the girls, my sister, my nephew & his buddy, and then went to my mom's house. Surely, someone will want a cupcake there.
Jackpot! My niece, Autumn, was at Grandma and Panpa's house! Does Autumn like cupcakes? Oh, yeah!

She tried the cake, but the frosting was her favorite part!
I call this a SUCCESS!
Happy St. Patrick's Day, to all!

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