Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Fun, Exciting, Informational, Delicious Lesson

Teaching adjectives has never been as much fun as when you are using Babbling Abby's "Let's Get Poppin' with Adjectives" TPT Unit.

I just love how creative she is! It must be so much fun to have her as a teacher.

My student teacher reading to the class.

Anyway, I was thrilled to have my student teacher read Tomie de Paola's The Popcorn Book for this lesson. It is one of my favorites. The kids love it, too.
In addition, I'm glad we had some time to fit in this unit. I'd like for my intern to have more opportunities to teach fun, creative, interactive lessons as opposed to the dreaded "Pacing Guide" lessons.

Old maid kernels can hurt so bad! I was once burned in the arm when one bounced out and hit me.
I used an air popper throughout the whole lesson. Yeah, I won't do that again. I will definitely use the air popper for the beginning of the lesson. It works well for the sounds, smells, and taste of real popcorn right after it's been popped. Also, the kids adore watching the kernels pop.
My mistake was to use the air popper to fill the kids' bags after the lesson. It took forever. Next, time I'll just use the microwave.
This is what I get when I ask him to smile for the camera!
The kids had a great time completing their adjective pages and making their popcorn pictures. They are so proud of their work, after I posted up on the wall.
This is a fantastic lesson, and I highly recommend it!


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  1. I also bought this unit from Abby on TpT. My class loved it! I highly recommend it too!