Monday, March 31, 2014

Currently April

It's April already! I can't believe it.
I have been on maternity leave for almost six whole months! That's just crazy. Here's a current picture of my doodlebug:

But it's all winding down folks. Yep, I have to go back to work on April 14. I am dreading it. Absolutely, dreading it. Unfortunately, we have bills, bills, bills to pay so it's off to work I go. The silver lining is that it's only for 8 weeks and then it's summer break! Yeah! It's not so bad. I can do eight weeks, right? Right?!?! (Insert picture of a crying mess of a mom here.)

Farley has her most recent Currently up and I am actually going to join the party!
These are pretty self explanatory:

Listening: As long as Max still needs nighttime nursing, he's sleeping in our room. Please tell me this doesn't last forever?

Loving: Instagram has been such a wonderful thing lately. I don't do Facebook and as you can tell I don't blog much, so IG has been my go to place to share and connect easily. See that last word EASILY. Meaning, I can use one hand and not wake up a sleeping baby that will ONLY nap on my lap. (I know, bad mommy!) I have made some pretty great friends on IG that I haven't anywhere else and I love these people. Love them! #mwah

Thinking: I'm a list girl and since I barely have time to use the restroom I really need to find a way to write and read my lists efficiently. Seriously, if I don't write stuff down, then it just doesn't happen. The pregnancy has killed my memory (along with my stomach muscles.)

Wanting: Is it so hard to ask for a printer that doesn't suck? Or eat up my paycheck with ink costs. Grumble, grumble, grumble...

Needing: The gray hairs have arrived and invited ALL of their friends to the party that is on my head. My next hair appointment is in limbo because of my limited child support and I am looking rough. I've been gray forever, but have managed to maintain my six week appointments... Until now. Thanks a lot Baby!

Hours: Our hours are okay. When I first started teaching it was 8:00-3:20 and I liked those times much better. I'd much rather go in at 9am but that's just me #notamorningperson

Well, that's all folks.
Soon it will be summer and I'll visit this blog again. Haha!

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Currently: Hello 2014!

Welcome 2014!
Two days in a row of blogging folks. It's like I have my act together or something!
Farley has her first Currently up for the new year and thanks to my awesome smart phone, I can participate.
Listening: I love this movie. J. Lo and Richard Gere are so good. It makes me remember when Scott and I were taking our ballroom dance lessons.
Loving: This one is pretty self explanatory. Throughout the birth and these first few months since Max has been born we have had so much love and support. We are very fortunate!
Thinking: I cannot get Max to sleep in his crib. It's making me batty. He'll fall asleep on me and the second I lay him in his crib he wakes up. So frustrating!
Wanting: This one is pretty selfish of me but old habits die hard. Plus, I really love to shop and miss it! :(
Needing: Pre-baby it wasn't a big deal to hang out in my pjs for a couple of days being lazy. Now. Now. NOW! I'd kill for a shower. My hair dryer and straightener are conspiring to find a new home that needs them.
Memory: Christmas really is more fun for the kids. Scott and I would watch Christmas through the eyes of my nieces and nephews. It is so cool that we have our own little peanut to share this magical holiday with.

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Teachers of Instagram

Hello? Hello! Is there anybody out there?
It's been awhile, my friends. That is, if I have any friends left. Geez, I had to dust off this old laptop before I wrote this post. Actually, first I had to find it. Then, I had to give it a little life boost (plugging it in.) And THEN, I dusted it off. Google had denied me entrance to my blog, that's how long it has been.

Since Baby Max came along, I really haven't had a reason to blog until now.
Elizabeth at Kickin' it in Kindergarten is hosting a cool Linky Party featuring my favorite social media site to date, Instagram. I say "to date" because my level of dedication to any and all social media is fleeting. I'd say that I have self-diagnosed myself as to having Technical ADHD.

Anywho, Instagram has been a perfect escape, for lack of a better word, for me during the hours and hours spent nursing and cradling my little guy as he naps. I love everyone I follow and continue to find more people to follow and love. I have learned so much about all sorts of subjects through the people I follow. Now that I've become a mother - yuck! I sound so sappy - I have found all sorts of mommas (much better) out there in the world who share their ups, downs, and insights on Instagram. <---That has been SO HELPFUL to me especially considering I was blissfully unaware of anything baby related. AND there is A LOT of information about babies to learn!

Here are my top three favorite Instagram posts of 2013:


Here is my husband, Scott, and my niece, Autumn, playing by the pool.
They were so cute together and got me excited at the thought of becoming parents.


Scott and I have three cats. Gus, our baby, is by far the closest thing to a dog there is. He's awake when we are awake. He begs for food any chance he gets. He naps with us. He is just the sweetest thing and my hearts melts every time I see him napping like this!


If you follow me, you know about every picture is of this little guy. My Max is a week old in this picture. Here, he weighs about eight pounds. Jump ahead ten weeks later and he's at fifteen pounds! I can't believe how big he's gotten so soon. I'll take it as a compliment. I've done something right. Ha!

There are my favorite three!
Gotta Go - Baby Max is calling. :)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


This is a test post. I'm using a new app on my phone for the first time.

While I'm testing this out, I might as well give y'all an update on my life.
Look at my baby, Max!
~Max at 3 weeks~
Isn't he a cutie? I was lucky to get a smile on film. He is used to the camera now and won't smile for me. The second I put the camera down ... he's smiling again!
~Max at 7 weeks~
I took this picture today during Dad's lunch break.

The school year has been so bizarre for me. This is the first time in 14 years that my brain isn't in "school" mode. And, oh my goodness, there is no way I could even concentrate on school since Max has entered our lives. 

He is not a daytime sleeper at all. Plus, he hates the slings and carriers I have, but wants to be held. So, the only things I can do during the day involve my one free hand.

He's a great eater and nighttime sleeper which I am very grateful for. I need my sleep at night!

We are almost past the "fourth trimester" and I am looking forward to getting out and showing off my little guy.

All in all, this has been such an awesome new adventure for my husband and me. We are totally in love with our Max.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pumpkin Day!

Hi there!  
It's Andi's sister, Auntie Jill, to share about Pumpkin Day!

Do you do "Pumpkin Day"?  So many versions and variety of fun.  
I have had some sort of Pumpkin day since I started teaching in 199hmm, .... scary.

BUT this year is the FIRST TIME EVER that I had my chart done BEFORE the day of :)
Pitiful, I know.  I do get the tubs and supplies ready, but that chart is always last on my list.  And, Ironically, it's my favorite part - sharing!
Over the years I have added and molded activities, 
but here's a quick run down of our morning for this year (we are doing this on Monday the 28th).
I group 3-4 students per parent (depending on who signs up) and say "Good Luck"
OK, no, I give them SPECIFIC instructions.  They are to follow them step by step 
(and not go too fast or else you are stuck with these kids until lunch)
  The kit comes with supplies to investigate the pumpkin.  Each group leader gets a big book and students get their own copy.  The discuss shape and colors found on the pumpkin. They make predictions and then record observations of the number of ridges, circumference and weight of the pumpkin.  I encourage the parents to weigh and measure the kids too and use language such as bigger/smaller, more/fewer, "you weigh the same as 5 pumpkins", "how close was your estimate?" ...
Then, we get to the good stuff of scooping out the pumpkin guts and counting seeds. Each year I'm amazed that I teach adults to angle cut and make a notch for the lid. ??
I love to walk around and cut off some pumpkin flesh to taste.  I find my brave few who will take a taste with me.  It doesn't taste bad and I love their little squishy faces!
Then the counting seeds where I get to learn who has endurance.  
I have them make piles of 10 on a paper grid.  They get tired after 200!
(This when I see which parents keep counting and who hide extra seeds! It's true!)
I have them talk about shapes and the students design the jack-o-lantern face.  The parents then help the kids carve out the face.  They love this part.  Sometimes the parents have to go hand over hand, but they love feeling big and helping out.  Each year when the supplies go on clearance, I get more for the following year.  The scoopers are sturdy, but the blades bend and break fairly easy.
As they finish up, Each group records their results on our class graph.  While they take turns, each group also has a copy of my favorite book - Pumpkin, Pumpkin by Jean Titherington to read.  Each child then also saves 6 seeds and make a little paper pumpkin with poem to share at home with their families.

So after, I pawn off some seeds to the moms to who have the yummiest recipe for roasting, we read through our chart and compare the results.
Fun morning for all. Mmmmm, I hope they remember the nutmeg!

So, what so do you do for your "Pumpkin Day"?

And, yes, the cutest, little Pumpkin has arrived... 
but I will let Andi tell you about that.
Stay tuned :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Video Tutorial for Making Quickie Flashcards in SMART Notebook

 Hi, everybody!

My school was fortunate enough to get SMART boards over the summer and there are many teachers just itching to create. However, they haven't had the opportunity to attend a training session using the software yet, so there are many questions.

I've had my SMART board for a little over a year now and have acquired a bit more experience using the software, so I've agreed to give a short in-service for some of my interested teammates. 
The in-service is tomorrow afternoon, and I was hoping to prepare for it by playing around with software at home and recording myself giving a wee little tutorial.

Here is one of the tutorials that I recorded. I plan on sharing this with my teammates just in case they forget the steps. This tutorial is just about making easy flashcards - nothing fancy. 
Keep in mind, these people haven't used the software at all. We have to start somewhere.

I'm sharing this with y'all because maybe, just maybe, someone out there might find it useful too.

If you do find this helpful, please let me know. I plan on making more videos for my staff and I can share them here as well.

Monday, September 2, 2013

September Currently

Nothing screams the beginning of Fall like sticky humidity and sweltering heat!
Ah, the joys of living in southern Florida.

We get all of those catalogs in the mail that show lovely brown boots and puffy vests.
We laugh as we know that we will have to wait a good three, four, maybe five months before we could ever think of enjoying these fall beauties.

As much as I love living in Florida, I always feel a little sad right now wishing that I could participate in the season known as Autumn.

But I digress,  there are much more pressing issues to attend to and Farley's "Currently" is one of them!
I am very excited to say that I may be joining in on Farley's monthly linky before it reaches 100! Woot, Woot!

Here is my Currently:

*Listening - Normally when I wake up I listen to the news while I get ready, but this morning has been a tad bit lazy and a Parks and Recreations marathon was too good to pass up. Nothing makes me laugh harder than listening to Andy Dwyer. He's my all time favorite!

*Loving - I get these weekly updates in my email about my growing baby and it is so stupid but they bring me such joy. I love reading about his weekly developments and how close we are to meeting him. I am nervous but overall REALLY EXCITED!

*Thinking - I have so much work to do to prepare for my maternity leave on top of my regular work load. I am still the grade level chair for my team this year (I have NO IDEA WHY THEY WOULD PICK ME!!!) but this job requires additional meetings, paperwork, and presentations that I need to do. In addition, I was asked to present a workshop on how to use the SMART Notebook software this week and I should really get a handout prepared for this, too. I need an assistant, STAT!

*Wanting - Kindergarten is a very unique grade to teach. I do love my Kinders, but they are tough to take sometimes. On the flip side, I am in LOVE with first grade. That is my home, my niche. However, my school is mostly departmentalized and so for two hours of my day I teach the Kinders. AHHHH! My teammate and I have nine major discipline problems and three who have never been to school at all! It is bonkers! One of them insists on calling us "Teacher." It isn't cute either. I'm over it! I'll give them a solid and say they have improved overall in the past nine days, but it hasn't been an easy road. "No, David," ain't got nothing over some of these guys!

*Needing - I am really not going to elaborate on this one. The bottom line is the basketball bouncing on my bladder isn't doing me any favors lately.

Well that's all for now. My parents are taking me to breakfast - YIPEE! I'm so spoiled.

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