Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Proud Sister

 I'm having a proud sister moment! 
She will probably make me remove this picture, but it's the only one I have of her!
My sister, Jill, has posted her first two documents on Teachers Pay Teachers. Jilly-Bean is an awesome Kindergarten teacher at a magnet school in my district. She has 14 years experience and still loves K! Personally, I admire anyone who can teach Kindergarten for that long!!

Here's a link to her TPT page. The first document is a Kindergarten Memory Book. The other is a Kindergarten beginning of the year 'All About Me' page. She plans on posting her Science Fair packet, a few Core Knowledge activities, and her Power Teaching Poster set soon. However, soccer practice and horsey lessons are first on her agenda. Gotta love those kids and their gazillion after school committments!
My niece, Molly, feeding her cow Fluffy.
Of course, anyone can be a seller on TPT. But not everyone is my sister!

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  1. Holy crap yes the post could do without the photo!!! But thanks, I'm still trying to figure out the paypal part. Next onto getting my science fair ideas into pdf's thanks!