Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Currently: January 2015

Goodbye 2014 and Hello 2015!
I can't believe we are here already.
I've neglected this here blog the past two years  but I have tried my best to post whenever I have a spare moment. I've always loved Farley's "Currently" Linky Party  and I can't think of a better way to end/begin the year.

Listening: I love all of Wes Anderson's movies. He has such a lovely style. I can only imagine that he loved Roald Dahl as a child.

Loving: Max is 14 months old, and he is jabbering away all day long. Sometimes it’s just baby talk and sometimes it’s real words. It is so exciting to hear a new word being used correctly. It’s magical, I tell ya!

Thinking: I dread going back to work because January is slammed. I’ve got report cards to test for and then complete, computerized benchmarks to administer (bleck), a door to decorate (double bleck), and few other time-consuming things…

Wanting: Of course, I’d want more time off.  I adore staying at home with my lil monkey.

Needing: My expensive printer claims it needs a new printhead and I just haven’t gotten around to get a new one because I’m too mad at it. Maybe when I cool off I’ll see how much this “printhead” costs and take care of the problem. But until then, I will continue to scowl at it and pretend to beat it with a golf club.

Yes: I will continue to keep Max and Scott as my number ones and school as my number two. (Not an easy thing for this oldster.)

Maybe: I might blog more... Now that Max isn't AS needy as he used to be I can spare a few minutes to blog or even peruse the inter webs.

I wish: I'd be in hog heaven if I was able to organize my closets, office, garage, and classroom better. But if it doesn't happen... Oh well. ;)

Happy New Year to all!!!
Good Luck in 2015!