Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Little Look into MY World

As I was preparing to share about my classroom, I noticed I had a problem. My pictures were not current. I saw a lot of little but big changes I've made to my classroom. So, as I was working in my room the other day, I remembered to pull out that camera! Finally.

Here's a view of my guided practice table from our doorway.
View from the doorway of my neighbor's classroom.
One thing to know about my school is that it is an open format. When I leave through that door, we are outside. Only one wing of the school has rooms that are attached to another room. Every time we have to go somewhere in the school, we are outside. I LOVE IT! Something about that fresh air...
View from my desk
View from the guided practice table
Vocabulary charts and the kids' backpack hooks.
Cubbies for the kids' supplies, journals, dictionaries, and book baskets.
Whiteboard and part of my library
Such a bummer I don't have a Smart board.
Reading rug, big book stand, and more of my library
AR library
Really, there are books in the those middle shelves they just fell down. The yellow one is usually full of Little Critter books, but everyone loves to use those for AR.
Calendar Math Wall
Sink, restroom, paint easel, and Job Chart
*Dig the blue the bowl? Yep, we've sprung a leak.
Shelving and computer stations
We are in a transition period right now. Typically, the shelves are covered with their writing, artwork, or other projects.
Teacher desk 
It is so stinkin' messy right now.
I need a secretary!

That's it. My home away from home. I hope you like it and please leave me some tips for staying on top of that paperwork, seriously!


  1. You have an AWESOME room! I love it!

  2. Thank you so much Jamie! Your compliment really means a lot to me. When I look at the pictures, all I see is a hot mess.HA!

  3. Hi there, where did you get your vowel charts?

  4. Hi, South Florida! I'm a Treasure Coast (non)Momma!
    Thanks for stopping by. Ummm, the vowel posters I took from a Making Words activity set. I'm not sure of the company name so I'll have to get back to ya on that one. However, I'm really in love with the posters and signs that Heidi from HeidiSongs creates. She has a blog, too. You should check it out.