Saturday, June 29, 2013

*~* Currently - JULY *~*

Oh Boy is right! I haven't visited this old blog in so long my computer didn't recognize me.
My pregnant brain cannot handle what's going on around me.

Case in point, I left a whole class at school when we went on our last field trip. I left a poor first grade class and their teacher at school on a field trip to the local POOL. Totally, forgot them!
Thank god, the teacher was a smart cookie and quickly got a school bus to come get her class. 
I said, "What idiot put me in charge???"

Anyway, Farley has her monthly "Currently" up early and I see that there are already 60 + responses. Y'all don't have much to do this Saturday. I guess neither do I, hahaha!

Well, here is my little contribution:

*I live in south Florida and it is hot. Hot - I tell ya! Pool feels great though :)

*Scott and I have been working extra hard to convert our office into a nursery and we did a ton this week. Got the room painted and cleaned. We bought and assembled a dresser/changing table and a crib. Right now, we are working on two big shelving units. I feel so much better now that my little munchkin has a place of his own.

*My school was assigned summer reading homework to go along with our evaluation system. I still haven't picked up both books. I NEED to get them and get crack-a-lacking!

*I'm only in my second trimester but I have had trouble sleeping for a while now. I can not get comfortable! So a massage would be so nice. :)

*This one is self-explanatory. Working air conditioning for a Florida driver is a must. So, this not having any air conditioning really stinks!

*My blogging tip is based off of all of the blogs that I love. They are interesting, always evolving, and fair to the reader. My favorite websites from before the blogging age were so wonderful and helpful to me. I learned so much from them (like Beth Newingham's site and Jessica Meacham.) Where I live, my school district hasn't exactly provided the most progressive feats in education, so these sites were like mecca for me. I wouldn't be the teacher I am without their knowledge and love for sharing.

Check out Farley's blog and don't forget to follow the rule of three.