Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Teachers of Instagram

Hello? Hello! Is there anybody out there?
It's been awhile, my friends. That is, if I have any friends left. Geez, I had to dust off this old laptop before I wrote this post. Actually, first I had to find it. Then, I had to give it a little life boost (plugging it in.) And THEN, I dusted it off. Google had denied me entrance to my blog, that's how long it has been.

Since Baby Max came along, I really haven't had a reason to blog until now.
Elizabeth at Kickin' it in Kindergarten is hosting a cool Linky Party featuring my favorite social media site to date, Instagram. I say "to date" because my level of dedication to any and all social media is fleeting. I'd say that I have self-diagnosed myself as to having Technical ADHD.

Anywho, Instagram has been a perfect escape, for lack of a better word, for me during the hours and hours spent nursing and cradling my little guy as he naps. I love everyone I follow and continue to find more people to follow and love. I have learned so much about all sorts of subjects through the people I follow. Now that I've become a mother - yuck! I sound so sappy - I have found all sorts of mommas (much better) out there in the world who share their ups, downs, and insights on Instagram. <---That has been SO HELPFUL to me especially considering I was blissfully unaware of anything baby related. AND there is A LOT of information about babies to learn!

Here are my top three favorite Instagram posts of 2013:


Here is my husband, Scott, and my niece, Autumn, playing by the pool.
They were so cute together and got me excited at the thought of becoming parents.


Scott and I have three cats. Gus, our baby, is by far the closest thing to a dog there is. He's awake when we are awake. He begs for food any chance he gets. He naps with us. He is just the sweetest thing and my hearts melts every time I see him napping like this!


If you follow me, you know about every picture is of this little guy. My Max is a week old in this picture. Here, he weighs about eight pounds. Jump ahead ten weeks later and he's at fifteen pounds! I can't believe how big he's gotten so soon. I'll take it as a compliment. I've done something right. Ha!

There are my favorite three!
Gotta Go - Baby Max is calling. :)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


This is a test post. I'm using a new app on my phone for the first time.

While I'm testing this out, I might as well give y'all an update on my life.
Look at my baby, Max!
~Max at 3 weeks~
Isn't he a cutie? I was lucky to get a smile on film. He is used to the camera now and won't smile for me. The second I put the camera down ... he's smiling again!
~Max at 7 weeks~
I took this picture today during Dad's lunch break.

The school year has been so bizarre for me. This is the first time in 14 years that my brain isn't in "school" mode. And, oh my goodness, there is no way I could even concentrate on school since Max has entered our lives. 

He is not a daytime sleeper at all. Plus, he hates the slings and carriers I have, but wants to be held. So, the only things I can do during the day involve my one free hand.

He's a great eater and nighttime sleeper which I am very grateful for. I need my sleep at night!

We are almost past the "fourth trimester" and I am looking forward to getting out and showing off my little guy.

All in all, this has been such an awesome new adventure for my husband and me. We are totally in love with our Max.