Monday, March 26, 2012

That's What I'm Talking About

Well, HOWDY Monday!

My kids were FIRED up today. 

Usually, I tend to like Mondays because they are low key. The kids wobble in from their busy weekend. Some ask to put their heads down. Others like to get to business with the week's new assignments. Their faces are sun-kissed pink with sleepy, puffy eyes.

Not-so today!

It's totally all my fault.
I just had to assign a family project for our Open House that was due today. Bad teacher!

As the first bell rang, I could see my littles running down the hallways with their projects in hand. Visions of children falling on top of their projects, squashing them like bugs, flew wildly in my head. Luckily, no projects were harmed.

I had a pretty good turn-out of projects for this years' group.
Mind you, for several years in the past, I would only have 1, maybe 2, kids not turn in their projects. However, for the past 3 years, I'm happy if anyone turns in their project.

So, when half of the class turns in their assignment on the actual due date. 
Oh my stars, I feel like dancing the jig.

The project was to make a representation of something they learned about Ancient Egypt. I gave them A LOT of choices. Most of them, chose to make a pyramid. Always a fan favorite. But a few will choose to make something else on the list.

Here are a few of them:

And then there was the MUMMY. The mummy of all mummies.

This little one's mother says to me, 
"Here is what happens when dad works on the project with her."

They used a blow-up doll. Duct taped her into position, papier-mached her, and spray painted her white. Unfortunately, this mummy did get her papier-mached head bashed in with the ceiling fan. Nothing a ton of duct tape couldn't fix. :)

The kids were enthralled, spellbound, and enchanted.
Hence the following hyperactivity.

Well, I guess the fact that we were making 'Crocodile Pie' at the end of the day didn't help either. Of course, we are learning about Crocodiles for our Ancient Egypt unit.

Crocodile Pie is a total rip-off adaptation of Deanna Jump's Alligator Pie from her TPT Zoo Unit. LOVE IT! Mrs. Jump is a teaching ROCK STAR {next to sweet Abby, of course!}
I absolutely love her lessons and the kids do, too.

We made {and consumed} the pie today and we will write our expository text tomorrow.

My kids were so excitedly nervous for this treat because I didn't tell them what was in Crocodile Pie. They have been asking me about it for days.

My token picky-eater looked like he wanted to run screaming from the building like his hair was caught on fire. Tsk tsk tsk, every year there's one...

Anyway, most of my kiddidles LOVED it!

1) Vanilla Pudding

2) Mix in the drops of green food coloring

3) Add a chocolate chip to a little marshmallow for the eyes

4) Eat it up!

Oh, what a Monday it was!

Now, I'll get back to Dancing With the Stars. I gotta vote for my favs. They are all so good. I just LOVE Donald Driver! He is too cute for words.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not-So-Lazy Sunday

Happy Sunday!

I just did a TOTAL FAIL!

I tried to blog from my phone at school. I had written the whole post. {Which was not so easy typing on that tiny key board!} The last thing I wanted to do for my post was to add some pictures. As I tapped the camera icon - POOF- my words were gone. Plus, there was no "Oops" button to undo my huge mistake. I had lost everything. 

So, I took a deep breath and decided my post will just be pictures. I retyped my title and compiled my wordless post in my head.  I take one picture. Great, looks good. Go on to the next picture. Click! Instead of seeing two pictures there was only one. The second picture replaced the first picture. Great, it would only allow ONE picture. Dang it! I'm never going to win with this app. Blogging by phone OVER!

I finished the few things I wanted to do in my classroom and headed for home.
 I know I can blog on my computer.

My original post was all about what was going on at my school. 
A lot, I tell ya. 
End of the nine weeks testing, benchmark tests {blech!}, observations, and  meetings, meetings, meetings.

I hate to say it, but I'm feeling burnt out. I know its only the end of March and I still have 9 more weeks to go. Plus, we have had our Spring Break already! I should be feeling pretty good. Not so...
It wasn't long enough to rejuvenate me to say the least.

I'm a trooper, though. I can do it. This is the mantra I must say in my head.
 I think I can. I think I can!

Unfortunately, there are some things that will have to make way for this heavy school load. {like blog stalking, blogging, and having any kinds fun}

In other news...

My school has been revving up for our big Open House. Each year we have a Multicultural theme. I like to do Ancient Egypt.

I try to get in as my information as I can.
I'll begin teaching my class about the geography of Egypt. 
Then, we learn about pyramids, mummification, gods & pharaohs, agriculture, animals, and ways of life.

Here is our mummy anchor chart, mummy craft, and mummy personal narrative writing.
I think they turned out pretty cute. For this years' class, this is a HUGE improvement!

The writing is on one side and the craft is on the other.

Also, here's a little piece one of my littles did during her 'Work on Writing' time:
I like how she included the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Yay learning!

  Gotta run to a family gathering before my hubby kills me for still being on the computer!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm Joining the PaRtY!

Alright folks, I know I have been a total slacker lately. 
I'm sorry! I guess I've been in some sort of funk.

Plus, my husband turned me on to Reddit and I'm a wee-bit addicted. 
Addicted meaning: I'm on Reddit for a while and I decide to get up finally. I look at the clock and realize its been three and a half hours!

Here are a couple funnies I've found {which was two hours ago!}

Because safety matters
HUGE time suck!
There are soooo many funny things that I couldn't post because they are just WRONG!
Anyway, if you'd like to lose hours of your life go on Reddit.

The purpose for today's post is to link up with Kindergarten Lifestyle's Linky Party.

Kindergarten Lifestyle

There are many great teacher blogs now and new ones are popping up all of the time. This is a great way to house everybody's blog, so you don't miss out on a new teacher friend.

Hopefully, I'll be back soon.
We'll see...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Permission Granted

I'm a little late to this party {AND THE LINKY IS CLOSED! I'm such a loser!}
However, this is an important topic and I need to post about it regardless.

I love it when people pin pictures from my blog on Pinterest!
It makes my heart sing....

Click on the 'Permission to Pin' button found on my sidebar to go to the Linky Party at Corkboard Connections and find other blogs who give their permission as well. 

Of course, I'll give y'all permission to pin.
If it weren't for Pinterest, I wouldn't be half as clever as I appear to be!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Currently - MaRcH

Woohoo! Farley's got her 'Currently' Linky Party up and running!
Click {here} to go to the pArTy!

 And I'm a day late, too. Man, look what happens when I miss out on blog-stalking for one day!  For the life of me, I couldn't understand why my sister was e-mailing me a list of /m/ words. Now I KNOW!

The 3 words party was tricky for me. Thanks a lot, Farley!

Magical - My students never know how I do the things I do!

Mischievous - I've won't shy away from participating in some naughty activities and playing around during serious occasions. 
{Which would put the /m/ word Maturity out of contention for me!}

Meticulous - I'm the orderly, clean one in the family. I used to clean everyone else's room for them. Mom said it's because I'm nosy. That word doesn't begin with an /m/. 
{But, it's so true!}

Don't forget to link up!

And if you don't have a blog, y'all need to start one up. It's easy. You'd have a TON of support from others. You don't HAVE to sell anything. Just share what you're doing in your school world. And then, YOU can join the party!

Here's a little funny...

I TOLD you I was mischievous!