Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Abby's Crayon Adjective Lesson

This week in our reading series, Storytown, the main story is At the Crayon Factory. I can think of no better way to introduce this story then to teach Abby's Color Word Adjective Lesson!
Anchor Chart: Before
This bright anchor chart peaked their interest for sure!
At my school, all classes must begin their day teaching an RTI group, which means that my students were bugging me the whole thirty minutes of RTI asking me what they were going to do with crayons!!
Box of brand spanking new crayons, fun!
The night before, I pulled the 18 crayons that Abby suggested in her lesson. And let me tell you, it was not easy finding some of those crayons out of a box of 96. I had almost given up on melon. I was convinced that my box JUST DIDN'T HAVE IT! Then, after the 20th time looking I finally found it. I was so happy!

With the kiddos all snug on the rug, we discussed adjectives and how we use them. Then, I reminded them that color words are adjectives, too. I told them that the six colors posted on the chart are pretty cool, but there are other colors we may need to use that would describe things better. However, sometimes the names of those colors can be a little tricky. Next, I pulled the names of the colors one at a time and let the kids predict which family it belonged to. I made sure to ask them what their thinking processes were before I revealed the correct answer. I let each student color one of the words and add it to the chart. They loved learning the names of the colors.
Anchor Chart: After
 When the chart was complete, we discussed how we could use these new words as adjectives. I modeled how I would use one of the words, and I completed one of the activity sheets. Then, I let them each choose a color to complete their own activity sheet. Before I let them go with their crayon, they told me what their sentence was going to say. This helped them be more independent when they went back to their seats.

Here are some of my favorites:
"I got a new dress that is cornflower blue."
"I wish that I had melon hair."
"The pyramid is so goldenrod!"
"I have denim jeans."
The crayon is the head!
"The flowers were dandelion yellow."
When everyone had completed their sheets we added them with the anchor chart on the wall. It is so pretty!

The lesson was AWESOME!!
Thank you, Abby!
Click {here} to go to the lesson at The Inspired Apple.


  1. What do you have hanging? Are those Egyptian masks?

  2. Yes, my room is bi-polar right now. It's part Ancient Egypt/part Language Arts. We are having a Multicultural Language Arts Fair next week and I'm trying to squeeze as much student work up as possible. I even have taped work to the ceiling tiles!

  3. I like how you mounted them on the color paper matching their color family. I'll have to remember that for next time we do this lesson:)