Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's Official

I have been waiting patiently (sort of) and I finally got the good news...

Wait For It...

I'm going to The Power of Literacy, IRA 56th Annual Convention! I am super-duper excited! Does that make me a total nerd or what? It's like going to Woodstock or something. If I can get into the sessions, I'll be able to see, hear, and learn from the following greats: Richard Allington, The Two Sisters: Gail and Joan, Regie Routman, Sharon Taberski, Tim Rasinski, Debbie Diller, Ruth Culham, Goldie Hawn, and Linda Hoyt. And that's just some of the names that popped out at me while I was looking quickly at the program.

I am so thrilled that my principal is sending me. I'll have to get him a really cool end of year gift!
I will make sure to take plenty of pictures to share with y'all!

I'm attending the 2011 IRA Annual Convention!


  1. Oh I am SoOoOo jealous! They are my favorite teacher people EVER! You will have a great time! Woo-hoo! Good for you!
    Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

  2. I got to go back in 2003 in Orlando. It. Was. FUN! 4 of us got to go (me representing the primary, another teacher representing the intermediate, asst. principal, and our instructional lead teacher...amazing!) and we got to stay in the Peabody hotel...got to go to Disney one night for free. And I learned a lot. It was the end of my second year teaching...something I'll never forget!

  3. Wow! Please, please share all the research in teaching and learning.

  4. Oh, I plan on getting as many photos, handouts, information, and autographs as I can! Thanks for sharing in my excitement!!!