Sunday, April 3, 2011

Geometry Fun

Don't you just love Jerry Pallotta's Math Books?

Well, I do and so do my kids. I can never find my books when I need them because they are living in someone's book basket.

Also, aren't Bendaroos pretty cool?
Making words is a lot more enjoyable when you can use Bendaroos!
Now, when you can use Bendaroos with a Jerry Pallotta math book, be prepared for some fun!
We will begin learning about Geometry this week, and I can't wait!  Our new math series has the kiddos adding and subtracting with regrouping and it is has been torture for some of them. We have our third benchmark test (on the computer no less) this Tuesday and there are 4 questions with regrouping on it. I will be so happy to teach something different!
As a fun way to hook them into Geometry, I'll use this book and the kids will make the shapes using the Bendaroos.
While they are making the shapes, they will use this Shape Book to guide them along.
Also, I use this PowerPoint at the beginning of our Geometry Unit. [click here] It is a little long, but I have found that the kids really get a lot out of it. Enjoy!


  1. Ugh! Regrouping in 1st Grade?!? How confusing! Which math series do you use?

  2. Kate - This is my first year using enVision Math and I was so shocked when I saw that we had to regroup. Some of them did get it, but it was torture to have to test them on it. Grrr! At least now I will be better prepared for next year...