Sunday, July 1, 2012

CuRreNtlY ~ JuLy

It's July, already!
Where is my summer going?
Away - Away - Away

I gotta tell ya, 
I'm liking LOVING these long lunches and free bathroom access.

Anywho, Farley has her Currently party going on.

This is one of my favorite Linky Parties ever!

Here's my Currently for July:

I just love True Blood. So funny! We're almost finished with this last season.

My "reads," In Pictures and In Words, I'm reading as part of a book study, and it is so good!
You can read more about the book study at Deedee Wills blog {here}
I really wish I had read it sooner.
Writing is my favorite subject to teach.

Please make sure to go to Farley's blog and link up if you get a chance.
Or, at least, leave comments for the other bloggers.

I hope everyone else is having happy, productive summers, too!


  1. I agree-- summer is going by too fast!!! I need to jump on the productive train.. I haven't been for June.. I still have one month.. oh no, only one month! I should just relax! haha

  2. Just found your blog through the Currently:) I'm your newest follower!!

  3. I am your newest follower! I found you through the currently linky! YAY! I too, love Katie Wood Ray but never have read this book.
    Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies
    We Read, We Blog, We Teach

  4. I wish I loved getting my feet rubbed - I'm too ticklish! I found your through the link party. I am now your newest follower. =)


  5. I love True Blood! It is off to a great start this season! I could go for a foot rub too!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  6. I love True Blood! So good.

    The Idea Backpack

  7. Coming to you from Farley's Rule of 3. Love Katie Wood Ray! She is awesome!

    Krazy Town

  8. Yay for outfits on pinterest!

    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class
    I hope that you'll join me for my giveaway ♥

  9. True Blood's good, isn't it?
    I need to get that Katie Wood Ray book!

    Grade ONEderful
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  10. I nominated you for an award! Buzz by to pick it up=)

    The Busy Busy Hive

  11. Hi!

    I am having a 4th of July giveaway for my K-2 journal/notebook printables and would love if you would stop by!!

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher