Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When You're Not Around

I'm finally allowed to enter my classroom and it is a hot mess!
Not only is it in disarray from the carpet cleaners, but I left a pretty big mess, too.

You see, I was BURNT OUT in June.
After a long and exhausting year, the last thing I wanted to do was organize and clean.

Needless to say, I'm paying for it now.

Normally, throughout the year when visitors would come into my classroom,
they'd always remark on how neat it was. I'd smile and take the compliment.

All a clever ruse!

If they opened a cabinet or drawer, they'd learn my secret.
I clean by stashing papers in closets, boxes, and file cabinets.
I've been in this classroom for eight years now and it shows.
Crap everywhere!

It is time for an intervention!

So, I thought I'd begin with my files and just throw or give away things I haven't used in a few years.
Some of the files I haven't looked at in a long while. Just added to them.

Well, while I was looking in my "Substitute" file I found it was full of unnecessary plans and letters.
Since I am a saver by nature, I have also collected a large amount of substitute notes.
Mostly, the subs would leave little notes saying the kids were great.
{That's all I want to hear, even if it is a lie. I hate coming back to class and having to discipline students for things I didn't see them do!}

Anyway, among the substitute notes I found some notes from my students.
These were back when I taught fourth grade, circa 2003.
Oh, they are too funny. Basically, the notes are from my informers.
The girls who could probably run the class better than me.

Below are a couple of my favorites:
 I'm wondering how it could be a good day if Dylan made Willie cry?
Poor Willie :(
 I like how Tara wants me to do "my work."


Now, this is a letter from one of my subs.
I am NOT expecting you to try and read this.
Out of all of the notes I skimmed over, I couldn't believe the length of this one.
It's a novel!
I was only gone for a day for heaven's sake. T.M.I.

Do any of you keep notes like these or am I the only pack rat?


  1. Those notes are hilarious!! I keep notes from students, but not subs. After seeing this I might want to start saving them. That's too funny! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. I don't keep to much. I am not a saver or packrat. Basically, if I need something there are many other teachers I can turn to so why should I keep it? It is people like you (in a good way) that enable me to throw things away! Thank you for your desire to "hoard". :)
    By the way, I love your student notes!
    Where Seconds Count

  3. That's hilarious. Why did the sub write such a lengthy note? I'm never received one that long. You sound just like me. I KEEP EVERYTHING!! I'm such a pack rat. You just never know when you might need it or you might have to move to a different grade.
    The Hive

  4. I have a file for letters or notes that are just to sweet (or funny) to give up. Some are even "work samples" that I may or may not have invited my self to keep for prosperity. Such as red, white and blue scene from a retained VERY reluctant writer with "sht hly fwckn" agghhhh, gulp, hmm "what is this?" Child, "I can write in Haitian like my dad!" hmmm "What does it say?" Child, "Let's Party!" with jazz hands waving :) He likes writing now!

  5. I could have written this entire blog post {word for word)myself...from the neat classroom compliments to the stuffed closets and files, and being in the current classroom for eight years. LOL

    I'm a saver and a stasher. I organize and purge at (least a little) in June, but once the school year in full gear, it's stash and stow.

    I really do need to clean out my files though. Please...inspire me to just do it! I know there are so many pages I could just discard because I haven't used them in so long, especially since in blogland, there are always new and exciting materials to sample.

    Good luck with your room!

    primary practice

  6. You just reminded me of all the work in the cabinets I still have to do when I'm allowed in... I think I'm going to be in the same boat with organizing.


  7. I also have a file of notes that are funny (or just depressing). One is a letter from a parent excusing her child for all the days he'd missed that year (about 35 at that point). He was "either sick, at the doctor, or the dentist." Really? I wonder if she could've provided even one doctor's note.

    Most of the others are from a little boy with aspergers that decided I was going to be his 4th grade teacher. I got quite a few hilarious notes from him! (Sadly, I didn't get to teach him. I was just as bummed as he was.)

    The Dalton Gang

  8. Yes and yes! My "tidy" room is an illusion. I've been teaching summer school in my room and spent the last 6 weeks thinking of all the changes I want to make.

  9. I have a warm fuzzy box of the sweetest of the sweetest notes from my kiddos. I keep them in a drawer in my desk and pull them out on those really rough days!
    Fourth and Ten
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    Formerly Stories From Second

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