Friday, June 29, 2012


In an effort to appear somewhat active this summer,
I'm joining Jeanett's link-up at Life Rearranged. 

Here are my Instagram pics for this week:

This is my buddy, Gus. 
While the older cats tend to sleep all the live-long day,
this guy is my best friend. 
Always under foot.
 Always waiting for some food to drop on the floor. 
He must have been a dog in a previous life.

Last week was my birthday.
This week, my sister found her present for me.
Isn't it lovely?
She knows I don't put up with no fools.
In fact, I pity them.
Also, I don't put up with no back talk sucka.

Here's the newest addition to our family,
Mortoise the Tortoise.
We call him Morty.
He lives in a large pen on the back porch.
Every day, Morty and I chill in the backyard for some recess time.
I've only kinda lost him twice.
Believe it or not, he can be quite fast.
Scott and I eat better now because of him.
Morty enjoys gulping down fresh fruits and veggies.
1/2 for him; 1/2 for us
Life is good!

This week, I went to the Gardens Mall with some friends.
Love this mall!
I could go there every day.
My bank account doesn't want me to go anywhere near this mall.
My credit cards say, "Go for it."
Anyway, my friend, Joe found the cutest pair of men's shorts at Lily Pulitzer.
Unfortunately, Lily Pulitzer doesn't have bags that are
suitable for men to walk around with.
Poor guy!
Actually, he loved the bag.
He thought it was fabulous.
Joe is fabulous.

Tropical Storm Debby 
{Debby Downer}
put a damper to our outside plans for at least 4 days.
So, Scott and I had to think of some fun indoor activities.
Not what you're thinking.
Get your minds out of the gutter.
We went to the movies, the library,
visited family, and enjoyed some fro-yo {maybe twice!}

I whipped up this little goal list for Scott and me.
I remember seeing it on Pinterest a while back.
My Sharpies missed me.
I missed them!
At first, I thought Scott would laugh at it.
But he didn't.
He added more goals than me!
As of today, we have 6 checked off.
Hopefully, we can keep it up {fingers crossed!}

The first set of nieces and nephews are teenagers.
Here are a few of them.
When Scott and I arrived at my mom's house
{aka Grandma}
One was at the bar on the iPad,
one was on the couch on her iPhone;
and one was on the other couch on her Nook.
None were speaking.
Grandma was desperate for them to
play like they did when they were little kids.
My family {the adults} loves to play cards.
We like to play games of any kind.
Scott and I got those boogers to join us at the dinner table.
Of course, the devices followed.
We pulled out the Tripoly and tons of pennies.
Let the games begin!
It was so much fun.
They were laughing and talking {oh my!}
However, two of the teens didn't know the cards at all.
Like we kept on hearing, "What's a club?"
"Does the queen come after the 10?"
One still couldn't hold all of the cards in her hand.
They were struggling!
We taught them something that day.

I had to swing by my classroom to pick
something up the other day.
Look at the mess!
They just dumped everything to one corner of the room.
Sometimes, just sometimes, I hate the summer.

I saved the best for last.
I got my hair did.
Goodness, it needed it so badly.
My grays were peaking out everywhere.
I was using my brown eye shadow to cover it up on the sides.
Deedee, my stylist, is an artist and a saint.
My hair is happy again.
So am I!

Instagram is new to me.
It's fun.
I'm not going to be using it constantly like 
my 16 year old niece does, but I think it's a keeper.

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Happy Friday and go support Magic Mike this weekend you law breakers!

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  1. Andi,
    Your post made me smile! Isn't it great when you get your hair done? My stylist is awesome, too.
    We're getting new carpet in my classroom, so mine probably looks like the one in your pic. I don't even want to think about it.
    Also, I've not used Instagram. Guess I should!

    Have a great rest of the summer!

  2. I just downloaded the instagram app. I can't wait to try it out! I would love to have you stop by sometime=)

    The Busy Busy Hive

  3. I just found and started following your blog! We must be fairly near each other if you went to the Gardens mall! I could spend a day in that mall...and a lot of money. I loved the post. Glad you got your hair done and are enjoying your break :)