Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Valances "How To"

Hi There! 
This is Andi's sister, Jill, here for a guest blog on sewing classroom valances for your windows or doorway.

Time to fancify your doors or windows? 
Here is a simple ruffle window valance that makes me happy.

First, I choose my materials for 2 valances:
2 dowel rods (36in,)
4 wooden circle ends,
a twin sheet (great amount of material for $5)
and, if you want accent material, I bought 1 yard (this too could be a sheet)
all found at Walmart around $10.
{Yes, I prefer Target, but Walmart crafts does my pocketbook right.}

This valance has a solid color backing and a “accent” center.  Translation: I used mostly the cheap fabric, with smaller strip of “by the yard” fabric (on sale!) Plus, I didn’t want to see the accent color from the outside.

First, I cut my solid fabric at 24” across the top of the twin sheet.  This amount seems to have enough “ruffle” for a 36” inch valance.
Next, I cut my accent color at 9”.  I need 2 strips sewn together at the short end to match the length of the solid color.

Here are your variations:
                Full solid/print:  Just cut 34-36” across top of sheet.  You would get at least 3 valances for $5!
                Different colors front/back: cut 18” strips
                “Accent” color across bottom: Solid fabric @ 20” Accent @ 14-15”

Now back to sewing:
Place good sides of fabric together.  Sew long seam about ½” from edge.
Now, sew other long sides together, making a long tube.
Turn right side out.
Iron flat, placing your “accent” color 2-3” inches from top (this is where the casing for the dowel rod will be).
                *If you choose to do a single color, I would still put your seam at the casing point.  This gives the ruffle edge a nicer crease.

Now, turn in short edges and run a seam along the edge leaving at least a 1” hole for the dowel. Repeat on other short edge.
Next, run a seam along the top edge of the accent seam.  And then, another one about 1-1 ½“  above.
Fish dowel through casing made by the 2 seams.  Glue wooden circles to ends of dowel to hold in place.

Fluff and hang!

My fancy hanging technique is to use 2 clear push pins.  If you have block walls, I would recommend the “Command  hooks” with a small piece of pipe cleaner.

Good Luck and Enjoy!


  1. These are super cute. Love the colors. Thanks for sharing.

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  2. Yay!! I love this tutorial!!! It's on my list of things to make for next year & you just gave me the directions that I needed!! Thank you so much!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. These look wonderful. I made new curtains last year for my room...wish I would have had your great tutorial!!

  4. Great idea to use a sheet! Love the cute colors. Thanks for sharing.