Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Made It

Hello!  I was invited back :) This is Jill, Andi’s sister, with a Monday Made It!

Pointers are great fun!
They can help track text, make a game out of finding sounds or words, or in my case, reach the top part of my SMART board!
I was given one of the cute plastic hands for my SMART board during our SMART training.  It was great for clicking, but not so much for dragging.  I really I liked the feel of a tennis ball or the smooth swipe of a glove much better.
I had been given a glove “hand” pointer as a gift a LONG time ago (like ’95ish - yikes). It lived a good life, but was loved one time too many and bit the dust.  Since then, I had pointers made out of cut fly swatters and sticks with nifty erasers or the antennae ornaments.
Springtime came and DING! time to make a new pointer.
I made a few glove pointers for teacher gifts, but didn’t get around to making mine.
So…Thank-You Tara, time to make one for my room (and for Andi’s room too).

The materials include:
1) ½ in diameter dowel (One 36” dowel will make 2 pointers, 18” each)
2) Gloves   {Tip: I got these on clearance in the spring 2 pair for $1! Also, I hear garden gloves make great pointers too, they will go on sale in the fall.}
3) Paint  {I primed and then painted with acrylics.  Some people just leave the wood plain.  Do what works for you.}
4) Puffy paint for the fingernails {Sparkle is always better!}
5) Felt - a small circle ½ in. and a bigger circle 1 ½ in. with eight  1/2 in. slits from outer edge to wrap down over the dowel
6) Electrical tape
7) Modge Podge or other sealer
8) Stuffing
9) Ribbon to match

First: Paint dowel rod – I did 1 primer coat and 2 color coats
Next: Paint fingernails onto glove. I used marker to trace my finger as a guide.

This is the part that I added to make my pointer SMART board safe. 
I LOVEEEEE my SMART Board and don’t want anything to hurt it!!
Also, it helps the pointer glide smoothly across the board.
Just layer the felt on the tip, fold down the larger piece, and secure with electrical tape.

This part is simple.  Sorry about the duck, I was trying to be thrifty.
The bling is VERY important ~  just ask my kindergartners. 
I have used old junk jewelry in the past.  I’ve seen people hot glue jewels all over the glove - awesome.  I just used beads I had around the house. 
*Remember not to overstuff as the fingers have to be folded down!

Almost done! 
Next, the fingers need to be secured down.
I like to sew, and I tend to make a mess with glue guns so my fingers are stitched down.
I have seen ones that have used hot glue and they look great – your preference works here.
Then, secure the wrist by using ribbon.  Again ~ your choice on how much ribbon to use.  Just make sure it is secure with a few knots.
Bunch the hand towards the tip for the sealing.  Paint some sealer (I used Modge Podge and added glitter glue, too).
When it is fully coated, pull the glove back down so the glue inside helps secure the glove in place.  Allow time to dry and Ta-da! You have a fun pointer. :)

I made Andi a pink one in the spring, so here is her “Hulk” boy version pointer ready for the fall.
Yes. It has a ring and gold glitter on the handle, my daughter helped me. :)

Have fun making some pointers. 
Happy Monday!

Enjoy, Jill

*And I think these pointers are DYNAMITE! ~Andi


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    The Meek Moose

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