Thursday, February 17, 2011

To be Comfy or Not To be Comfy

     I didn't ask any of my students to bring in slippers and yet these little beauties have found a new home in  my classroom.  I remember it clearly, Andy asked me if he could wear his slippers ONE DAY because his feet were hurting him. I said, okay. Who cares, right? I didn't expect him to change into his slippers every time he enters the classroom. I feel like I have a mini Mr. Rogers!
     Since, Andy changes into the slippers every day, you'd expect the other children to ask to wear slippers. I'm still waiting. So far, no one has asked. Odd?!
    Pretty soon, he'll show up with a robe to add to his Comfort Collection. As long as he's reading...


  1. How adorable! That totally cracks me up. First grade is wonderful. I really love your blog! thank you for following mine!

  2. Katie,
    You are the first person to post a comment on my blog! I'm so excited!! Does that make me a huge dork or what? Thanks a lot for your kind words. As for little Andy, I rarely come home without an Andy story to share with my husband, Scott.

  3. The slippers is something my kdg. son would do!!!
    We had an "ice" DAY today and he was UPSET cuz it was Dr. Seuss Reading Day! LOVE it!
    BTW- I LOVE your blog. I am a major stalker of blogs...don't know why i have not seen yours before...
    will had a link to you via my weebly (its more for the parents/kids in my classroom, but teachers in our district check them out too!)

  4. Tracy,
    I love first grade because the kids are so free to be who they are and I totally dig that about them.
    Thanks for the compliment about my blog. I'm still really nervous about the internet. BILLIONS of people can see this. It weighs heavy on me.
    What's a weebly?

  5. This was so funny to read, tears came to eyes. I laughed so hard imagining a mini Mr. Rogers!

  6. Christie,
    Andy was a trip. His parents let him have his own e-mail account and he still e-mails me videos, pictures, and messages. I'll never have another one like him!