Monday, February 28, 2011

My Favorite Things Linky Party!

Jodi, Fun in First Grade, is not only hosting a great giveaway, but she has also started a "Favorite Things" Linky Party.
Seriously, there are so many things I love...

1. Apple Products
I have no idea what I would do without my desktop, laptop, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, & iPod. I don't think I could be without one of these devices for more than an hour!
What would I do?

2. Avelle
From the moment I heard Jennifer Hudson's character talk about this website to Carrie in the Sex in the City movie, I had to check it out. It's the most fun EVER! I love renting beautiful bags. When the UPS guy arrives with his brown box of magic, I get all happy inside. I can't wait to tear into the box. Low and behold, my eyes fall upon the bag. Yes, the cinch bag that houses whatever little luxury I will be toting around for the next month. I've rented purses from Kate Spade, Michael Kors, L.A.M.B, Tory Burch, Juicy, and FENDI! 
Love it!!!!

3. Target
So, is it totally lame to love Target? I do! I could spend hours (and thousands of $) in this store. My husband cringes when he hears I'm at Target. I'm the mayor of my Target on Foursquare. You have to go there a lot to be the mayor!

4. Running
It's the only exercise I enjoy. I have a bum knee, but I go anyway!

5. Tacos
Scott and I are ravenous for tacos! We have them at least once a week! Nom, nom, nom!

6. Cats
 There's Gus. He's my newest little baby. Scott and I have three cats, and I would get more if he'd let me. They are so smart and loving. The perfect snuggle bunny after a long day at school. Animal Planet has a new show called, Must Love Cats. It is so good! Kitties Galore :)

7. My Paper Cutter
It is the bomb! It works like a dream and holds up well. This paper cutter is a necessity for any first grade teacher!

8. J. Crew
I am such a preppy nerd and J. Crew is my Mecca!
If only I had more money....

8. Daddy Day Care
I love this movie. I watch it EVERY time it is on TV. It cracks me up! It was on last night, and I watched it again (like the 1,253 time.) It has everything I enjoy in a watchable movie- kids, humor, and hi-jinx!

9.Cougar Town
This show cracks me up. I heart Bobby, "Bitches Be Loco!"
But, I am more like Ellie in real life (sad, but true.)

10. DeeDee from Studio Gabriel
If it weren't for DeeDee, I would be a grey-haired mess. Oh genetics, how you keep me grounded! I started going grey when I was 26. I discovered DeeDee and she keeps me looking forever 31 with her color genius. I was getting high lights and low lights at first. Then, at 28, I had to go full color. It's bad (Thanks MOM!) Every 6 weeks, I visit my best friend, DeeDee, and feel like a princess!

11. The Daily 5
The Daily 5 has changed my life. My reading instruction has totally transformed due to this philosophy. The first six weeks are always a challenge, but the payoff is the rest of the year. My reading block runs like clockwork. The kids may fall out of practice from time-to-time, but that never lasts for very long. So worth it!

12. Diet Mountain Dew

Diet Mountain Dew is my life force. I cannot function without it. PERIOD!

There you go. I'm sure I could think of at least 50 other things I couldn't live without, but I'll keep it to 12. 

Now it's your turn!
Just post your favorite things on your blog and link up with Jodi at Fun in First Grade.


  1. Thanks for playing along. Isn't running great?


  2. Totally blog-stalking now! Loved this post.
    Target? Yes please!
    Daily 5? Of course!


    Mrs. Thompson

    Here is comment #9! Yay, you are over the 8 hump (at least for this post)! I feel like that too... I post stuff and hardly ever get comments. It makes me feel like what I post isn't helpful!

    Anyways, LOVE Grey's and PP- and I miss B&S too!

    ...wasn't The Hunger Games There is a void in my life where reading those books used to be!

    Mrs. Thompson

    Adventures in Teaching