Saturday, January 14, 2012

Do You Like Science Fair Projects and A GIVEAWAY!

The question part of my post title is definitely a loaded question. Most of the teachers at my school {If I were to give a guesstimate = about 98%} don't really like science fair all that much.
I'm quite certain if our fearless leader had decided to skip science fair this year, there wouldn't be any tears shed or mad dashes to the office to picket the decision.

I honestly don't think it is because teachers don't like to teach science. I know lots of teachers that enjoy performing demonstrations and having their students work on their own science experiments.

What gives? Why is it that must teachers literally shudder and frown upon hearing the news that the science fair is coming to town? Is it the collection of data? Trying to come up with a great project idea? Or is it the laborious duty of creating the almighty science fair board!
When I peruse the projects during my school's Science Fair Night, I see the same project ideas again and again. By fifth grade, wouldn't you think our students are well aware of how gravity, force, and friction work? Really! Then, I'll look at the class projects the K, 1, and 2 teachers have completed with their students. And I'll see more of the same project ideas. One teacher has submitted this M & M project (which isn't even an experiment but rather a demonstration) for the past five years in a row! Shouldn't there be a statute of limitations for things like that? It's painful.

Now that comment might sting a bit for some of my readers because you are guilty of this crime. Most people just want to get science fair over with as quickly and as painlessly as possible, like ripping off a band-aid. I get it. I'm sure I've phoned it in with old overused ideas in the past, too.

My big sis Jill, a Kindergarten teacher, has been an advocate for science fair for as long as I can remember. She has spoken to teachers within our district and at major conferences about science fair. She is one of those crazy 2% {okay, maybe 10%} of teachers who actually enjoy the science fair. So, I really have no excuse with an available resource like this!

She has opened a TPT store and is selling some of her great science fair project ideas. So far, she has only 4 in her store, but she is working on adding more. You know funny things like a 14 and 12 year old, soccer practice, horseback riding lessons, chickens, dogs, crazy Kindergartners, mom's taxi service, and a husband, kind of get in the way of her having a bigger store. But, she's working on it. Slowly and surely.
She would like to giveaway one of her four projects to four people!

All you have to do is comment below that you are a follower of her TPT store and add your e-mail address!


Click {HERE} for a link to Jill's TPT Store.

Here's a sneaky peek of the projects:

You have until Monday 1/16 to enter. Then, I"ll select the winner on Monday night {either before or after the Bachelor :) }

Happy Weekend!


  1. I'm now a follower of Jill's TPT store.

    First Grade Delight

  2. I actually love the Science Fair! Last year my kinder class won 2nd place among all the classes! I would love some new ideas though :) I am following Jill's TPT store!

    Jennifer@ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  3. I am following Jill's TpT store and would love a copy of one of these.

  4. I'm following Jill on TpT, and I'd love to be entered for the draw.

  5. Yay! Thanks guys and Andi :) I have to note: The Sky is Really Falling! Now that I look at the picture of my board (at least 5 years old, found hiding above my cabinets) The title has fallen off! And something else that was on the right-arggh. They were a bit "spiffier" at fair time, but you get the idea. Enjoy!

  6. Thanks for this! We don't have a science fair at my school, PK-3 so I can't give any advice about that.........however, I do a scientist of the day-week and the kids love performing experiments for the class!

    I am following her store and would love, love, love to win! Thanks!

  7. I am following Jill's TpT store. I love to teach science and would love one of her projects.


  8. These look great!! I follow Jill's TpT store!


  9. Wow! I follow her TPT store!

  10. I follow Jill's TpT store!!


  11. I am following Jill's TpT store! :)


  12. I'm a follower of Jill's TpT store!

    Come by and check out my 500 follower giveaway :)

    Have a great weekend!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen from...
    A Teacher's Treasure
    Teaching Treasures Shop

  13. I am following Jill's TpT store! :o)

    jennkeys @ gmail . com

  14. I am following Jill's store!! Just looking at the covers looks like good stuff for the primary teacher!

    Danielle Brown

  15. Trying this again! These look great! There is a great need for Science resources! I now follow Jill's tpt store!

  16. I am following Jill's TPT store. We have our school science fair next week and the most participants is usually the kinders!! Love to have new ideas :)

  17. I am following Jill's TPT store! They projects look super fun!

  18. I am now following. Love science in the classroom!

  19. I am a follower of Jill's store and would LOVE some help in the science department:)

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