Saturday, January 7, 2012

Aargh! What a week {in review}


Wait! I really mean ...


Holy moly, I cannot get over how time just flies by. I remember thinking about all of the cool Thanksgiving activities I wanted to do with my class like it was just yesterday. 
Anyway, time keeps on a'chugging along whether I like it or not, so I need to make the most of it. Unfortunately, I also need to convince my sweet kiddos that they want to do all of the things I want to do as well! This part is not so easy for me. Which means that I have lots of copies and cut-outs of lessons I've made for this year's group that I will have to do with next year's group.

Anywho, this week was loads of fun because in our StoryTown reading series the phonics skill was the R-controlled vowel /ar./ The story that went along with this skill is just okay. And of course, the phonics activities the publishers provide are pretty mediocre. Which means I must supplement! What better way to supplement the series than with a wonderful little unit by the fabulous Babbling Abby?

Me hearties, let me introduce you to Learning /ar/ with Pirate Mark. This unit has it all poetry, reading, writing, a craftivity, and most importantly cHocOlaTe

Here are a few pictures of our week:

Treasure Map of /ar/ words - We'd add four words a day to the map.

I'd hide words about the classroom for them to find and read.

The kids were BANANAS about searching for /ar/ words.
Every day they entered the classroom excited to read!
LOVE Heidi Butkus' Phonics cards.
Click {here} for more information.
On Day 4 our Treasure Map is complete!
I taped the last word for the Treasure Map to my little treasure box.

Pirate Mark likes to eat chocolate bars and so do we!

I'd love to say that we added the cute hair and details to our pirates,
 but oh-my-word this was challenging enough for them.
I wasn't in the mood for extras by the time we got this far.
Which is not a reflection of the unit, but on my kids!
We had a ball with these activities and most of my students are proficient at reading /ar/ words. I'm sorry to say, one little peanut will need to go on a vacation with Pirate Mark and his /ar/ words before she'll learn them. LOTS of practice in store for me and her!

In addition, I found this cute little video of Bossy R from the Electric Company on pinterest. I showed it to the class almost every day. They loved it.

My Pinterest reading page - Y'all Pinterest Rules!
Click {here} to go to the YouTube Electric Company video.

Thanks, Abby! Another fantastic unit that my students loved!


  1. You first paragraph made me laugh :) I come into class so excited about a cetain projec/activity/lesson assuming the kdis are as excited as I am about it and so many time they are not nearly as enthused as I'd like them to be :) Great pics!

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  2. Andi,
    I love this unit and can't wait until the time comes to do it myself. I am pinning some of your pictures!

    I am with you about the kids not being oh so excited. It's really sad when you are so excited for something and A) the kids look at you like you have 3 heads and are lame or B) They can't get it together (behavior is an issue at my school) long enough to get anything done!

    Thanks for sharing and keepin' it real!
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  3. That is so stinkin' cute. I had a class like that last year.
    2B Honey Bunch
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  4. I did this last year with my kids. I also made the pirate hats from HeidiSongs. We read lots of pirate books and did worked in pairs to write like a pirate. One of my favorite phonic lessons. Wait!? Did I just say I had fun teaching phonics!

  5. So fun! We have all had "those" years! Just keep on keeping on! ;) They are lucky to have such a wonderful teacher!

    Hope King

  6. LOL about the girl who needs a vacation with Pirate Mark! I have one that needs the same thing :)
    I must be a week or two behind you in Story Town, but I'm going to remember to tie in these cute activities when we get to /ar/.

  7. You can add my SIGH to yours!!!! Soooo ready for spring break!!!!!

    I love how you added all the pirate stuff to the large chart paper - so going to do that when I teach ar!

  8. Great job with bossy r! Love the pirates!

  9. I DO own that!! I'm excited about when I can actually use it though...I think I"ll still be gone on maternity leave when we do our AR sounds...poo!
    and yes! I have TONS of stuff that I copied and made for this year that we just did NOT get to, so I'll already have it for next But it's my own fault. I'm used to 3rd graders and how fast they can be, and how slow 2nd graders are in comparison! lol. oh well, it'll save on my copies for next
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  10. Great great ideas...and I feel your pain. Where is the time to do everything?! But we just do what we can, right? :) I've passed an award on to you so please come on over and check it out!

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  12. Hi Andi! I chose your blog for the Versatile Blogger award. Check it out here: Thanks for the awesome inspiration! :)

  13. Love your blog! Thanks for sharing my 1000 follower moment. I am going to put you on my blog list!

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