Wednesday, January 25, 2012

100 ways to celebrate 100

According to my calculations, the 100th day of school is this Friday. 

FYI - There are others that think the 100th day of school is this Monday. I swear every year we can't figure out which day is the 100th day!

Anywhoo, in my class the 100th day of school is this Friday. One way we are acknowledging  this special event is by making 100 Creations! I saw this idea on Pinterest and fell in love.
Ours turned out so cute!

Here are a few close-up that tickled my funny bone:
It reads: My 100 is my mom. She wears glasses because she was born that way.

She really isn't blind. She doesn't wear glasses or contacts!
He totally made this up!

That one isn't really funny, but it has a funny story. When she showed me her first draft the first sentence read, "My 100 is my mom's dad." I said, "You mean your grandfather." She looked at me really confused and said, "No, it's my mom's dad." We went round and round a few times on this until I showed her some pictures and a family tree. Then, she finally understood what a grandfather is in her family!


Another activity I have been doing since my first year of teaching {12 long years ago} is to hide 100 hershey kisses in the classroom for the kids to find. On the bottom of each kiss, I write a number from 1 - 100. After the assigned number of kisses have been found by each kid, I'll call them up one at a time and let them add their numbered kisses to the hundred's chart.

When I taught 4th grade I would number the kisses with decimals and fractions 1 to 100. We would add them to a very long number line. 
So, there are plenty of different ways to vary this activity.

It is EXTREMELY important to set guidelines and rules before  you let your kids loose in the classroom. I will give them a specific number of kisses to find and when they find that amount they must sit at their desk and wait until everyone is done. This avoids anyone getting physically and emotionally hurt.

This activity is a lot of fun and we usually find every single kiss (I'll add an 101 numbered kiss for luck.) Unlike our Easter eggs, where there are always some hiding in the room for a few weeks! :(

I have no idea where I got this idea from. This was before Pinterest and teaching blogs! Maybe from Mailbox magazine???