Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sunshine Award 2011

Once again, I'd like to thank Sara at Smiling in Second Grade, Patricia at Primary Practice, Jess at Rambling About Reading, and Haylee at Following Optimism for giving me the Sunshine Award. It is fabulous of y'all to think of my little ole blog so highly. The teacher blogging community is so welcoming and genuine. Reading your blogs and receiving positive comments from all of you has been a highlight of my year 2011!

Now on to the award responsibilities:

1. Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it.
2. Answer the following questions below.
3. Pass the award to 10-12 fabulous bloggers, link their blogs, and let them know you awarded them.

Q and A:

1. Favorite Color?
Blue and Green {and I do have a soft spot for pink}

2. Favorite Animal?
So hard, I love most mammals. 
Let me repeat that - I love most mammals
NOT reptiles
NOT fish
NOT birds
Some that are on the top of my list are cats (all kinds), elephants, and giraffes.

3. Favorite Number?
I guess it depends on the day.

4. Favorite drink?
If you haven't already gathered that I am quite indecisive.
I love water, Diet Mountain Dew, orange juice, rum, and tequila!
I used to love beer until I couldn't drink it anymore. {sad}

5. Facebook or Twitter?
Twitter, I guess.
Can I say BLOGGER?
I got rid of my Facebook account this year.
It is too much work to read through the posts of people I'm not really interested in {but can't delete because I see them around town.} Also, you can totally tell which people are lying about what is going on in their life. And, of course, everyone's life on Facebook is wonderful! They have perfect husbands, children, friends, jobs, etc. GAG ME! Over it.

6. Passion?
Teaching is my number one passion.

7. Giving or Getting Presents?
Oh, I'm a giver! I am always on the look out for cool gifts for my friends and loved ones. My only problem is I have the hardest time waiting to give my gifts. I want to give them their gift RIGHT AWAY!

8. Favorite Day?
My special day, of course, my birthday! The best day of the year :)

Now, I'm passing this award on to the following blogs:

Thank you so much for this award!

Oh and by the way, I am so happy to say that I was a drill sergeant today and was able to get 12 of my students FAIR tested by 11:30am this morning. I've never tested that many students in such a short amount of time. I have 6 more to go. Not too bad. Of course only because I was forced to get it done this quickly. Ideally, I would have administered it much differently {Especially since about 5 or 6 of my students have the worst colds. You know that affects their fluency score!}

Well, laundry is calling... Happy a great Hump Day!

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