Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Survival

Holy moly! If I thought last week was nut-so, I take it back after today (and I'm sure for the rest of the week.) I wonder what these calendar committees are thinking when they plan for the year. Is it just to plug in 180 days as quickly as they can? Because I can assure you, no matter how "awesome" you are (or think you are) as a teacher, these kids aren't feeling it this week! Heck, I'm NOT feeling it this week.

Regardless, I am trying my best to get some teachin' done around here. Today was our Polar Express Day. Our first grade team plans a big to-do for this day. Before lunch, we have the classes complete a 4 room rotation. One room, the teacher will do a craft with the kids. The next room will be a game. The third room will be for caroling and playing instruments. Last, the fourth room is a spectacular Polar Express show. One of my team members has quite the dramatic flair and puts on a one-man show. She plays the train conductor, the wait staff, an elf, and a bunch of other characters. The room is arranged for her show. It is too cute. The kids just love her disguises and voices. It puts my Game Room to shame, I tell you.

Then, after lunch we have some time for a few response activities before we watch the movie. Watching the movie is actually my busiest part of the day. No volunteers for me, so I am working like a dog to get the hot chocolate served, food passed out, seconds given, washing out cups and tables, sweeping up crumbs and keeping the boys from turning their blankets and sleeping bags into huge tents to play ultimate fighter in!

By the time the movie ends, we have about 10 minutes to clean, pack, and change before the bell rings to go home. This is also a very busy time for me. The kids need me to help them cram their sleeping bags, pillow pets, slippers, and clothes back into the tiny bag they came in. It's not a pretty site, but I get it all jammed in there.

However, this year I did something awful. Something dreadful. Something a Grinch would do. Something I have never ever done in the six years I have had a Polar Express day...


I can't believe I forgot to do this. This is the best part of the day. I usually have the postman deliver my cool Santa Box with the frozen bells to my students when he comes to do his daily delivery. The kids flip out over them. I'll pretend to not hear the bell for a while and then I'll suddenly hear them and announce that I do believe. It's all fun.

And I forgot to do it! What worse, is I didn't realize it until I was eating dinner tonight! Pathetic...

I'll have to put on a pretty good show tomorrow when the postman delivers the bells a day later.

I wish I had better photos to share. Camera duty was put on the back burner today.

Sequence Sheet for the Polar Express

One of my tables set up for a Christmas Bingo game.

Apparently, this Pirate's Booty is the best thing since sliced bread to my kids.
I hadn't even heard of it before but it was all the rage. It's just cheesey poofs...
Tomorrow will be our Grinch day. I'm totally ready (that's what I tell myself over and over again.) 

One of my students, Dezi, gave this to me today:

She glued them on all by herself at home. I'm just going to let it go. I will not cut them out. I will not cut them out!

Now, on to something totally different... 

I was reading Kristin's blog at A Teeny Tiny Teacher and she was mentioning something about teacher's lounge clean-up duty. Then, I read some of the comments where others had the same duty. What the heck is this about??? Such crap. Even if you don't eat in there you have to clean-up after others? I can't believe this duty even exists!
Now, I am very thankful for my school.

I hope y'all are having a great time with your families and if you are working like me, GO TO BED!


  1. Teacher lounge duty--oh yeah. At our school you get it for a month. Wash dishes, wash towels, make coffee, clean out the fridge. Love it! Not! I don't drink coffee and people complain that the coffee I make is not perfect. Then make it yourself, ape man! I don't ask anyone to buy my soda for me. Sorry, you obviously touched a nerve.
    2B Honey Bunch

  2. I'm right there with you on the whole no one feeling it this week. We started calling it a hostage situation (not sure who the hostages or my students).

  3. Oh, I want to work at your school and put on the one man show!! :) That sounds right up my alley!! :) I forgot to do bells this year, too. Or I decided it wasn't a big deal. One or the other.
    Thanks for the shout out -- and it is the stupidest thing ever. EVER!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  4. Well at least you remembered about the bells before your kiddos got out for the holiday! Mine are still in my tiny fridge at school. That would make me a TOTAL GRINCH! Dadgumit!

    First Grade Delight

  5. And she (Delight) would totally cut the box tops out. And the Post office is really booked this time of year :)