Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What is in Your School Bag?

The fabulous Abby of The Inspired Apple is having a linky party this week! 
It's all about what we teachers can't live without: 
Our School Bags

Hi, my name is Andi, and I am a bag-oholic. It all started way back in the fall of 1981 when my mom let me pick out my first school bag. I adored it. However, by the fall of the next year, I wanted a new bag. And as the school years went by, I had accumulated a pretty large collection of bags. So much so, that my dad made me custom peg boards for my bags to hang on!
Here are a few of my personal favorites from my childhood.
Such cute totes!
Along with these bags, I was covered from head to toe in ESPRIT.
Benetton Drawstring Bag
Mine was green with a huge Benetton logo splashed in white.
This beauty was my favorite until the poor thing fell to pieces.
I had this gap hobo bag and a pink one all through high school.
It could hold ALL of my books and a small child!
Flash forward through the college years and twelve years of teaching and here is what I carry to and fro school.
Vera Bradley Zip-Top Tall Bag and a Target bag.
I am very happy with this Vera Bradley bag. It has oodles of pockets and I love that it zips shut. The only problem is that it is a thin bag, which is good but I end up carrying this Target bag to hold my lunch box, purse and anything else that can't fit in my school bag.

skinny mini

2 front snap pockets with 2 open pockets behind them

It might be skinny, but I can shove a lot in there!

There is a zipper pocket inside the bag AND a zipper pocket on the outside.
Now, here's a look inside the bag.
Papers to grade {blech!}

Folder for the random papers and paper work {double blech!} and my idea notebook

Old fashioned paper grade book because I just don't trust the on-line grade book!

My Life Planner that I love, love, love! Thanks, Cara!!

Fundations manual {triple blech} &
Linda Hoyt's Interactive Read-Alouds {triple oh yay} 
If this had been last night, I would have had a picture of about 20 pens, 6 pencils, 3 sharpees {all black, say what?}, 4 highlighters, 8 flair pens, 3 thumb drives {I keep on buying new ones because I can't find the ones that exist in my bag}, 25 paper clips {all bent because they were sitting at the bottom of my bag}, a handful of coins {I counted 14 pennies ...really??}, 8 hair clips, 3 rubber bands, some receipts, stickers, and feminine products {which I somehow find in all of my bags - I guess I have a phobia of being caught without them when I need them - TMI? sorry!}

My bag was so heavy that I was started to develop a serious lean to the right!

The other bag I carry holds my purse of choice and my lunch box.
This lunch box was a gift from a former firstie and it is huge!
Plus, most of my purses are oversized so I really need the extra bag.
Happy Linky!

What's in your wallet--er--school bag?

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  1. I *love* that Vera bag!!! And the Life Planner!!!

    Also, though I keep my grades online, I print out a copy weekly for my records!!! Right there with ya!

  2. I agree completely about a paper and pencil gradebook/checklist. I love computers and everything technology, but while we are walking to the computer lab or music, I can look on my clipboard and tell if everyone is still with me and if not, who is missing instantly. I can also take it to the playground and have "mini-conferences" with little ones who are not turning in all their work. I will forever and a day have a paper and pencil clipboard/gradebook! :)
    Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas!

  3. I love my clipboard, too! I checklist every concept I possibly can so I have plenty to talk about at parent conferences. I do love my computer, too, though. Fern, I love the idea of printing everything off!

    By the way, the Swirls market bag you saw on my blog is not 31. It came from a little local store called Swirls. I'm not sure, but I think it's a relatively new place similar to Vera Bradley (in a smaller way...maybe?). Anywho, google Swirls. You might find something else you like. :) (As if any of us need MORE bags... he!he!)


    Stapler’s Strategies for Sizzlin' Second Graders!

    The Yellow Rocking Chair

  4. just wanted to share with all of you that like bags, totes, lunch boxes etc... I have a thing for totes and I fell in love with the Thirty-one bags so I became a consultant. If you want to view my website you are more than welcome to! SO MANY beautiful bags to choose from and the best part, you can personalize them!

    Thank you!

  5. Love your Erin Condren life planner. I might have to treat myself next year and get one! I think I see a Vera Bradley bag in my future. I'm pretty sure that I'm the only teacher in the entire state of Texas without one. We're getting new laptops next week and my new one won't fit into my existing case. I think that's going to be my excuse:)

  6. I love your Vera bag! And, dang girl you brought back some memories with those other bags :) Don't you just love Erin Condren too? I am late to Abby's party, here is my bag