Monday, April 30, 2012

Which Came First?

Riddle me this, Batman.
Which came first
the Egg?

Truth be told. I really, really, REALLY wanted to teach oviparous animals before Easter, but that didn't happen! Then, I was hoping to get to it right after Easter. That didn't happen either. So, today, April 30, a good month after my intended start date, we began learning about oviparous animals finally.
Crazy, I know. Nothing seems to go as planned this year.

I began the unit by passing out a bunch of animals cards to the students.
(I got this idea from Pinterest.)

They shared their animal(s) with the class.

Then, I asked them what the word "Oviparous" means.

Silence. Absolute silence.
It's the first time they have been silent ALL year!
I got nothing! Not even guesses {and, boy, do they ever love to guess.}

I told them I wasn't going to tell them. They'd have to figure it out on their own. 
*I'm really bad about trying NOT to say the answer to something, but then blurting it out accidentally. I hate it when I do that!

Moving on...
Each kid walked up to the pocket charts labeled Oviparous (blue) and Not Oviparous (red) and added their animal(s) to the section they thought it belonged.

After the cards were all put up on the chart. We took a good look at it. 
I did let them know that some were incorrect and we may have to change some cards.
So Wrong!
But first, I had to read a book. Not just any book. A special book. A book that may help them with their cards...

Afterwards, I asked them what they thought "Oviparous" means now???? 
And guess what? They knew the answer this time. Phew!

We took another look at that chart. They asked if they could make those changes now.
Now they're interested!
Move the shark, Emmie. It's the shark!
They did a pretty good job at fixing the cards. They got stuck on the whale and shark.

 That's all for today. More to come.

I purchased April's (Chalk Talk) unit, Chicken's Aren't the Only Ones. It is so awesome. Filled with loads of great lessons, books, and snacks! Totally Worth It.

Please shoot me an email if you'd like a copy of the animal cards I used for this lesson. {} I just made them myself. I had bought some of the clip art from KPM Doodles. The rest, the internet gave me. :)

Ta ta for now!

Oh my goodness. I almost forgot!
Guess what's on its way to my very impatient hands?

So cool!


  1. What a great way to introduce oviparous animals. I'll have to remember that for next year. I would love a copy of your cards. My e-mail address is


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