Monday, April 23, 2012

Moon Over My Bloggy

Where to begin? How to begin?
How do you explain your absence when there is so much to explain?
But - then again - it really isn't that exciting either.

So the long and the short of it is: 
report cards, paperwork, working out, final evaluations, hanging out, paperwork, helping out, meetings, dance lessons, showers (baby & wedding), paperwork, 1st communions, {Did I remember to mention paperwork?} and EXHAUSTION!

So, I had to prioritize. And my friends, I let you {and my sweet laptop} to the wayside.

Anywho, I still have been teaching, creating, and loving those wacky first graders of mine. Actually, we have been busting our butts!
They know it is crunch time.

Also, they changed the date of our open house to about 5 weeks later. My room has been Ancient Egypt for so long, even I am sick of it. I did take some of it down recently to make room for some of our other projects. I tried not to BUT I couldn't stand it any longer.

Just today, we did one of Cara Carroll's Moon Unit lessons.

First, we read the story, Papa, Please Get the Moon For Me.

If you haven't read this story, you need to. It is really cute. It also leads the kids to ask questions, infer, and think critically. Love Eric Carle!

Then, we completed our Moon Anchor Chart with facts we had learned in the computer lab about the moon. Let's just say, some of my kids "get it" and some don't. We'll keep working on it. I'll have to find a good video - maybe.

Then, the kids picked three of their favorite facts to write on their papers.

On to the favorite part of the lesson: PAINTING!

They were so excited to get to paint their moons. Some of them chose to write the shortest facts just to get it done quickly. Others - who were chatty - did not think of this strategy.  *At least, I'm not getting the same three facts on all of their papers!

I can't wait to do some more of this unit. Cara really knows how to rock a fun lesson!

If you are still a follower of my blog - THANK YOU!
I really appreciate your kind words, sentiments, and helpful suggestions.

Be Back Soon...


  1. I have her moon unit too and I love it. I am now a follower! I would love it if you could come follow me.

    Lohren Nolan