Saturday, February 11, 2012

Our Sweets Have Been Snatched!

You wouldn't believe it!?!?

 We had this big beautiful bucket full of sweethearts snatched from our classroom!

Who would do such a thing?

My students were sure it was either our wonderful custodian Ms. B or one of the lunch ladies {as they put it.}

However, the snatcher was a kind and benevolent soul. He or she left some clues for us to get our sweets back.  

And after using some good 'ol brain power and leg work, we found our delectable treats and brought them back to their rightful home!

THIS is not my idea. It all came from the fabulous Babbling Abby's The Sweetheart Snatcher Unit available on TPT. I didn't get to do the Candy Corn Bandit last fall, so I was super excited for this one!

All week I had been losing pens or moving the kids' belongings around the room. Also, I'd take a few boxes from my sweetheart tub and throw them on the floor. When we would come into the room from lunch or specials, I'd make a big deal about whoever it was touching our things. It was a good production on my part. 

I wanted to make it so on the day of the snatching, one of my kids would notice the tub was missing and not me. Sure enough, on the big day, we come into the classroom from specials and I begin to read from my chapter book {without noticing the tub is missing.} My frequently mobile student blurts out, "Ms. Monroe, the CANDY is GONE!"

I start to blame it on one of the kids and they firmly deny it. They inferred that it must have been the custodian, Ms. B, because she had been in the room last to put up new lightbulbs.

In the tub's place, I had put the first clue and the students' Snatcher Predicting Books. We  read the clue, hastily made our predictions in our books, and the kids literally ran out of the classroom to find clue #2!

I had to reel them back into a line. Geez, that was very difficult!

We managed to find all of the clues without hurting each other or any innocent bystanders. Phew!

Abby has it designed that the final clue is in the gym. Well, I'm in Florida, and my kids have NO IDEA what a gym is. So, I changed that part from the gym to our P.E. coach's office. When the kids discovered the tub in her office, they ran outside to yell at her.

There was no point at stopping them. They were bound and determined to tell her they had foiled her plan. Luckily, she is a GREAT sport and played it up big time. She even snatched just one box from the tub and started running down the track. The kids ran after her and caught her {almost taking her down!}

When we returned to the classroom, the kids pleaded to do the sweetheart activities I had originally planned before someone else takes them again! Hahahahaha!

I caved, what else could I do?

They even wanted to give Coach a box of sweethearts since she wanted them so badly. Cute!

It was so much fun! I HIGHLY recommend it. :)


Also, I want to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone who gave me tips about the SMARTboard. I am very new to using it and I really appreciated all of the help I received. Who knew a tennis ball would work so well?

That green pen facing the opposite direction of his brothers is driving me bonkers as I type this!

I went out and picked up a few things to help with my SMARTboard challenged kiddos.

I like using the gloves the best. Also, please note that tennis ball is not a true-sized tennis ball. I had bought a set of tiny squeaky balls for my cats as a Christmas gift and stole one of them. I don't think they'll mind. It is a good size for my little hands {and the kid's little hands.}

This one more/one less, ten more/ ten less part of our math unit is killing me!
They either have it or are NEVER going to get it!!
Little Bit is using a glove and flying through this number sequence. 
Without the glove, it took f-o-r-e-v-e-r


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!


  1. Oh my goodness! What a great idea and OH SO FUN. How adorable. Thanks for sharing!

    Abby is the greatest, isn't she?


  2. OK.....What font did you use to make your label on your box? It looks like the font Abby used too! And I love that it matches and I want to know the font and is this a run on sentence?


    WHAT? A tennis ball works on the board? How?

  3. I love your valentine snatcher story. That's so cute and funny.

    But I'm with Rachelle. What's the deal with the tennis ball? Please explain :)

    Grade ONEderful

  4. Rachelle, you are too funny! "Is this a run-on sentence?" Okay, to answer your question about the font. I took a shot in the dark and checked out Kevin and Amanda's Free Scrap Book Fonts and, sure enough, I found it! Here's the link, it is called, 'Every Time I Miss You':

    I used PowerPoint and plopped my label into a large heart that I got somewhere on the internet. I used a pink shadow effect on the label to make it look like Abby's. It was so pretty.

    Also, I found that beautiful heart bucket at Target.

    The tennis ball is great for the board. You just slide it on and around the SMARTboard like you would do with your finger. The kids use it when they are trying to drag and drop images and especially when they are using the eraser tool. I've been told it is good for children who have disabilities and struggle with grasping the pens, pencils, or other slender objects.

    I hope this helps!

  5. Hello!

    I just discovered your blog and had to become a follower. Love the story of the missing sweets. How fun! And, you are truly blessed to have a smartboard. I can only dream of one. Maybe I'll have to move to Florida! 8 )

    First Impressions

  6. That sounds like the kiddos had a great time!! Sounds like such a fun time!

    come check out my blog:

  7. What a wonderful activity! I also teach in Florida and my kids gave me the crazy look when I once mentioned going to gym instead of PE....LOL.....

  8. I'm sooooooo glad you liked it! We're doing it on Tuesday! {Probably a crazy day to do it, but who doesn't love crazy on V-day?!?!}

  9. That story was too funny! I am going to have to try the glove and tennis ball idea! Love it!


  10. Just found your blog and had to follow it. Wish I would have seen it in time to try the sweets snatcher idea--my kiddos would have gone crazy for it!! And I have to say I am soo jealous that you can wear shorts in Jan. and Feb.--here in Minnesota, those were long gone back in September!

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    "Kindergarten Kel

  11. Too cute - I will have to remember that for next year. I am a brand new blogger and would love your input. Your blog is so cute, I will have to visit often. I am your newest follower. Can't wait to see what else you have in store. :o)
    ~ Vicky
    Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After

  12. For my smartboard pens I will tell the kiddos to "put the pen to bed" when we are done using it! Just another cute idea!

  13. I just found your awesome blog and I am your newest follower!

    I am off to explore to what other goodies I can find

    I would love for you to visit my blog and follow me too

    Shuna P

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