Monday, February 27, 2012

Just Another Random Monday

"Whoa. I wish it was Sunday. Whoa. That's my "Fun"day."

Okay, I'll stop dating myself ... Although, it is a great song.

Back on point. Wait, a minute. That was my point! Today is random.

1) I knew the second I saw this post by Erin that I HAD to make this diaper motorcycle. Luckily, I had a baby shower coming up! Looky, look, look!

I did it all by myself! Well, Erin's post linked me to the diaper motorcycle source, Sweetaprils. This was such a great tutorial. The pictures helped tremendously.
I was so pleased with myself that I wanted to keep it! 
Mr. Bear could go cruising around the abode. Maybe scaring the cats.

However, I did let Mr. Bear and his sweet ride go to his rightful owner. Baby Mama was very excited. Plus, it was the only diaper cake. I was so surprised! I was worried that someone else would bring one, too.

2) Speaking of Baby Mamas, have you seen Jessica Simpson lately? Holy moly, that girl looks like she's ready to pop! Or maybe the wild dress and huge glasses just aren't helping her?!?!


3) Dr. Seuss week is here! Yippee skippee! I love rereading my favorite books. I purchased Erica's Seusstastic Literacy Unit on TPT and it is awesome. 
{Check it out HERE. You still have time to get it!} 
We did Yertle the Turtle today. So fun!!!

My big sis, Jill, made some Truffula trees in her Kindergarten classroom. 
They look great. I NEED to do this!
Sorry about the poor quality. Cell phone camera :(

Here's the link to get a printable Lorax moosteachio.

4) The Leap day sales are looking pretty flippin' awesome! Make sure to head over to Farley's blog {Click HERE} and take a gander at the long list of TPT stores that are having sales. So far, there are 163 stores linked up. My sister's store is #130. Check it out!!

That's all for tonight. I've got to get back to the Bachelor Ben. It seems that the Swiss fresh air isn't doing his hair any favors! He is such a Magoo.


  1. I love that diaper motorcycle. You are so right about Jessica Simpson. Good gravy! Love all of your Seuss-happenings. TOO CUTE!

    Thanks for sharing.

    A Year of Many Firsts

  2. Super cute Dr. Seuss ideas. I am trying to soak them all up before the big day.


  3. Oh my she having twins?!? She is huge..poor girl. Love your diaper motorcycle bear guy -very cute! I too love Dr. seuss day -- I'll be posting pics this weekend from our fun day! Have a great week!
    Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After

  4. Cute bear! What did your sister use for the tops of the truffula trees? Or is it in a unit I need to buy? I love them! I usually save The Lorax until we learn about Earth Day. Can't wait!