Thursday, May 1, 2014

Currently May

Yeah, it's May! I don't need to tell you guys how excited I am for May. I know the feeling is mutual. May is an exciting time of warm weather, growth spurts, testing, and a ton of paperwork. Gotta love it!

Farley has her Currently up and I think I might make it in before she reaches 100 links!

Here's my addition:
1. Listening: If I can only hear the clock than I'm in sensory heaven. After a long day of dealing with some pretty needy students, hearing nothing is so refreshing.
2. Loving: Since Max's two bottom teeth made their debut (finally), he's been in such a good mood. I'm loving every spare second I get with him.
3. Thinking: My school "to do" list is so long and so pressing that it totally stresses me out. It would be nice to using my planning times to actually plan and get paper work completed. Ain't nobody got time for it when there's a cute baby around!
4. Wanting: I'd kill for some ice cream right now but I think I've eaten about ten pounds of peanut m&m's this week so I'd better stay clear of the freezer.
5. Needing: I. Need. Sleep!
6. Surprise: Amy at Mrs. Labrasciano's Blog is so awesome! Her TPT is full of great resources and she's always creating something new. Check her out!

Y'all hang tight. It's almost over!


  1. Cute blog name! I've been snacking on lots of Easter candy....mmm Reese's! :)

    The Journey of a Beginning Teacher

  2. Ahhh I would love some ice cream right now!!! That sounds so yummy. I'm with you on that one.

    Your baby boy sounds adorable. Enjoy your time with him ... somehow work stuff always gets down. :)

    Glad to find your blog,
    Trendy in Third

  3. I need sleep too! There's just not enough time for such a thing, huh? Especially with a baby around, who seems simply adorable!

    The Blossoming Teacher