Friday, July 19, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday

I am have been meaning to participate in this linky party for some time now, but I have a SERIOUS lazy bone condition this summer!

However, I have decided to get my behind off the couch and do this party right.
Plus, if you are one of my Pinterest followers, you know I just love this site...

Here are my *favorites* from the week...

Favorite TEACHING related pins

My district is neck deep in the Marzano Evaluation System and there are several elements that a teacher must hit in to order to prove themselves Innovative (even in KINDERGARTEN!!!) I really love this "Ticket Out the Door" poster created by Jessica Heeren. It is simple, beautiful and blue!

I absolutely love this anchor chart for partner reading made by Kimberly Shannon.
This will be perfect for when I introduce Read to Someone and a superb reference for the rest of the year. Simple and colorful!

For the past few years, I have had several students on the spectrum. Now, I have never been trained on how to effectively teach students with Autism and it has really been a sort of trial and error for me as a teacher. This pin takes you to this great website, "Living Well With Autism." There are a ton of resources that are helpful when teaching students with ASD.

My favorite FOODIE pins

My goodness these look delicious! I could eat the whole plate. Of course, I'd have to find a suitable GF substitute for myself but that wouldn't stop me from making the real deal for my family. YUM!

This Lava Flow drink looks like the perfect summer concoction.

My favorite FASHION pins

This outfit looks like the perfect southern Florida teaching combo to me. I could definitely pull this off, not anytime soon, though...
Let me tell you, I. Miss. Shopping! 
Love the incoming kiddo, but maternity clothes shopping sucks. Especially when I just get bigger and bigger, bleck!

Since I can't really enjoy fashion for myself, I have this cutie-pie find for my little man. Wish I could knit this adorable outfit (if you can call it that!) found on Etsy.

My favorite PRINTABLE pin...

I just LOVE these parent print-outs made by Jodi at Fun in First blog. They are the perfect way to provide helpful information without overwhelming a parent. Love it!

My favorite FUNNY pins

His little bug-eyed face cracks me up every time I look at it!

Leave it to Buzz Feed to provide another list that leaves me in stitches!
Number 5 and 10 are so thoughtful and, of course, I love number 2 because, you know, nothing is more fun than playing with your kids like you do your animals!

My favorite HOME DECOR pins

This looks really cool and I am sure my husband would be all over it, but I would always worry that the TV was going to fall and kill me in my sleep!
I can't tell you how happy I was when my wittle projector was hooked up in my classroom and they removed that HUGE SCARY television that was mounted on my wall. It hung right over my teacher desk and I was always afraid it would fall on me!

This bar area screams ANDI. Love the color and all the beachy accessories. I'm such a Florida girl!

My favorite Baby pins

I just love this birth announcement. So simple and precious. I can't wait for my little man!

Putting baby to sleep and establishing a sleep pattern has me up all night! I am a nervous wreck about doing the wrong thing with baby Max. Any helpful tips would be much appreciated! I want a good sleeper! Every year, I have to deal with a classroom full of kids who do not get a good night's sleep and I see the damage that is done by it. Makes me sad and nervous!

Well, that's all folks.
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Thanks Cara for this fabulous Linky Party!


  1. I love Lava Flows, too. When we stayed at the Grand Hyatt on Kauai, my bar tab for the week was close to $300.00 because of all the yummy lava flows I ordered! Now I can make them at home, but I am sure they taste better in Hawaii.