Saturday, June 29, 2013

*~* Currently - JULY *~*

Oh Boy is right! I haven't visited this old blog in so long my computer didn't recognize me.
My pregnant brain cannot handle what's going on around me.

Case in point, I left a whole class at school when we went on our last field trip. I left a poor first grade class and their teacher at school on a field trip to the local POOL. Totally, forgot them!
Thank god, the teacher was a smart cookie and quickly got a school bus to come get her class. 
I said, "What idiot put me in charge???"

Anyway, Farley has her monthly "Currently" up early and I see that there are already 60 + responses. Y'all don't have much to do this Saturday. I guess neither do I, hahaha!

Well, here is my little contribution:

*I live in south Florida and it is hot. Hot - I tell ya! Pool feels great though :)

*Scott and I have been working extra hard to convert our office into a nursery and we did a ton this week. Got the room painted and cleaned. We bought and assembled a dresser/changing table and a crib. Right now, we are working on two big shelving units. I feel so much better now that my little munchkin has a place of his own.

*My school was assigned summer reading homework to go along with our evaluation system. I still haven't picked up both books. I NEED to get them and get crack-a-lacking!

*I'm only in my second trimester but I have had trouble sleeping for a while now. I can not get comfortable! So a massage would be so nice. :)

*This one is self-explanatory. Working air conditioning for a Florida driver is a must. So, this not having any air conditioning really stinks!

*My blogging tip is based off of all of the blogs that I love. They are interesting, always evolving, and fair to the reader. My favorite websites from before the blogging age were so wonderful and helpful to me. I learned so much from them (like Beth Newingham's site and Jessica Meacham.) Where I live, my school district hasn't exactly provided the most progressive feats in education, so these sites were like mecca for me. I wouldn't be the teacher I am without their knowledge and love for sharing.

Check out Farley's blog and don't forget to follow the rule of three.



  1. I hear you about the summer reading. My books are piling up. I don't know how I am going to read them all. I can only imagine how hot it is down there. I live in Washington so it is not nearly that warm. Keep cool. Enjoy your summer.

    Ms Richards's Musings

  2. What books are you required to read? I'm always looking for great PD books.

    1. I can't remember their exact titles but they are both about Marzano's Teacher Evaluation Tool. Something like "The Art and Science of Teaching". When I get them I'll post the correct titles.