Tuesday, December 4, 2012

ELA CCSS 5 Day Lessons

Hey, Hey, Hey! What, What, What!

I'm posting during the middle of a school week! I didn't think this was humanly possible.
And yet, here I am blogging and sharing with you some things I've whipped together lately.

I'll start from the beginning. This year my district has gotten on board the Common Core train. Full Speed Ahead! At my level, we have been strongly advised to dump our reading series (somewhat) and plan for more nonfiction texts. Like, A LOT more nonfiction texts.
We haven't had much training, so I was really at a loss with what direction I should teach these texts. I had heard that providing prior knowledge and building background knowledge before reading was now a HUGE no-no. I had heard that I needed to dig DEEP into the text. However, I really wasn't sure what to do with my littles.

Then, a few weeks ago, we had a good training session where they showed us what a week's worth of lessons should look like. Yippee! This is what I needed. Some direction. Just a little training, helps so much I tell ya!

I've made two week's plans based on the themes my partner and I have been teaching: the moon and reindeer. These lessons are about 20-30 minutes in length and I teach during my Shared Reading time before reading groups.

Feel free to download and use them in your class and let me know what you think.
I hope they aren't total crap!!!! Ha!


  1. These are great! My district is going with the common core also. This will help me tremendously.


  2. AWESOME! Thanks! Texas hasn't adopted CCSS yet, but I know when we do I'll be in panic mode! These plans help a lot!
    Rowdy in First Grade

  3. Fabulous ! Awesome! Wow! Wish I could go to such an informative training session...thanks a ton for sharing.

  4. Wow! Thanks for sharing these! I'd love for them to give us such an informative training like you've had over here in Hillsborough COunty... our trainings have been TOTAL CRAP! I feel like you did before your training. Hopefully once I have a chance to REALLY look through the plans you have made, I can begin to make some of my own? Soooooo much planning, where to find the time? Thanks again!

  5. These are great! Thank you so much for sharing. My district went CCSS last year and we've had some training, but nothing practical like real lesson plans to emulate. Would it be possible to share another one or two fiction/nonfiction to help me keep the juices flowing? Thanks again!