Thursday, December 13, 2012


The big day has come and gone.

 And, yes, I do have documentation of this momentous event:

1. Breakfast with Mortie, the Tortoise. 
Mortie does not like that it gets dark at 5:30pm.
I can't say that I blame him. 
Mornings are the only times I get to hang out with him. 
Once it is dark, he goes to bed!

2. The date:
Proof that I took pictures on the correct day!
Not that you wouldn't believe me....

3. Opie the Elf is just hanging out doing his job.
Being cute and spying on little children.
Not creepy at all.

4. Morning Duty
Every Wednesday, I'm stuck watching this group.
Actually, they are pretty good. I've got it easy.
The 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders are on the hardcourt.
We need an invisible fence and shock collars to keep them contained.

5. Fundations, Unit 4 Test
Here's one of my firsties working hard on his test.
He has ASD and has been in self-contained classrooms since he was 3.
This is his first year in a gen-ed classroom and he has made SO much progress.
13/16 kids passed the test!
That is totally rad for this group (8 out of 16 have special needs!)

6. Kindergarten Reading Group
They L-O-V-E this Pete the Cat reader from Heidi Butkus!

7. Kindergarten Reading Group
She wanted me to take her picture so badly!
She was really proud of her work.

8. Terror in the classroom
Unfortunately, I have a new student who isn't quite ready for the classroom.
You can just guess what happened...

9. First Grade Reading Groups
Thank God, I've got my first graders back!
Love reading groups with these guys.
I could do it ALL day!

10. Rain, Rain Go Away!
We had to make do with inside recess.
My first graders LOVE to dance.
They beg to dance to Gangham Style and the Dougie.
We need a Talent Show with this group!

11. Hair Appointment
Oh man, did I need this appointment (and that glass of wine.)
My hair is so happy now!

12. Dessert First!
Scott and decided to be crazy and have dessert before our dinner.
We love Fro-Yo!

That's all folks.
It wasn't the best day, but it was a day.
Things happened.

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12~12~12 is done!

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