Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not-So-Lazy Sunday

Happy Sunday!

I just did a TOTAL FAIL!

I tried to blog from my phone at school. I had written the whole post. {Which was not so easy typing on that tiny key board!} The last thing I wanted to do for my post was to add some pictures. As I tapped the camera icon - POOF- my words were gone. Plus, there was no "Oops" button to undo my huge mistake. I had lost everything. 

So, I took a deep breath and decided my post will just be pictures. I retyped my title and compiled my wordless post in my head.  I take one picture. Great, looks good. Go on to the next picture. Click! Instead of seeing two pictures there was only one. The second picture replaced the first picture. Great, it would only allow ONE picture. Dang it! I'm never going to win with this app. Blogging by phone OVER!

I finished the few things I wanted to do in my classroom and headed for home.
 I know I can blog on my computer.

My original post was all about what was going on at my school. 
A lot, I tell ya. 
End of the nine weeks testing, benchmark tests {blech!}, observations, and  meetings, meetings, meetings.

I hate to say it, but I'm feeling burnt out. I know its only the end of March and I still have 9 more weeks to go. Plus, we have had our Spring Break already! I should be feeling pretty good. Not so...
It wasn't long enough to rejuvenate me to say the least.

I'm a trooper, though. I can do it. This is the mantra I must say in my head.
 I think I can. I think I can!

Unfortunately, there are some things that will have to make way for this heavy school load. {like blog stalking, blogging, and having any kinds fun}

In other news...

My school has been revving up for our big Open House. Each year we have a Multicultural theme. I like to do Ancient Egypt.

I try to get in as my information as I can.
I'll begin teaching my class about the geography of Egypt. 
Then, we learn about pyramids, mummification, gods & pharaohs, agriculture, animals, and ways of life.

Here is our mummy anchor chart, mummy craft, and mummy personal narrative writing.
I think they turned out pretty cute. For this years' class, this is a HUGE improvement!

The writing is on one side and the craft is on the other.

Also, here's a little piece one of my littles did during her 'Work on Writing' time:
I like how she included the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Yay learning!

  Gotta run to a family gathering before my hubby kills me for still being on the computer!

Enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. Those mummies are ADORABLE!!!!!

  2. The mummies are too cute!! I second your sentiment about needing another spring break!

    Stop by my blog sometime.
    Twirlybird Teaching

  3. This has a special place in my heart because I actually taught in Egypt 2 years ago! What a fun topic to teach about!

    Apples and ABC's

  4. I love love love the mummies!


  5. What did you use to make the mummies? They are so cute!