Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm Joining the PaRtY!

Alright folks, I know I have been a total slacker lately. 
I'm sorry! I guess I've been in some sort of funk.

Plus, my husband turned me on to Reddit and I'm a wee-bit addicted. 
Addicted meaning: I'm on Reddit for a while and I decide to get up finally. I look at the clock and realize its been three and a half hours!

Here are a couple funnies I've found {which was two hours ago!}

Because safety matters
HUGE time suck!
There are soooo many funny things that I couldn't post because they are just WRONG!
Anyway, if you'd like to lose hours of your life go on Reddit.

The purpose for today's post is to link up with Kindergarten Lifestyle's Linky Party.

Kindergarten Lifestyle

There are many great teacher blogs now and new ones are popping up all of the time. This is a great way to house everybody's blog, so you don't miss out on a new teacher friend.

Hopefully, I'll be back soon.
We'll see...


  1. My husband reads that too! He is always telling me something he read on reddit over dinner. :)

  2. My husband does, too! And it is a HUGE time suck!! lol
    First Grade Blue SKies