Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three for Thursday

Happy Teacher Week!

So, okay, this one {Three for Thursday} is really difficult for me!!
I can only pick THREE! There are so many resources I love and use all the time. However, if I must choose only three, here it goes:

Favorite Font:

Fonts 4 Teachers has a lot of great fonts to choose from and I can get the lab technician to download them to my Teacher Workstation at school. *Our school computers have restrictions on everything and I'm not allowed to download all of the cute free fonts I find online.* {sad} As much as I love to be creative, I can't do all of my school work at home!

My favorite font from this pack is called ABC Print.

ABC Print has three different types and this has been great for creating homework/classwork sheets.
Favorite Blog:

This one is truly soooooo hard. I love so many blogs. I decided to narrow it down to the ONE that I look forward to reading the most every week.

Deanna Jump is a rock star and teaching genius. I wish I be a fly on the wall of her classroom!

Favorite On-line Resource:

Again, really difficult to choose from so many resources. This resource I have been using for years and just like Deanna Jump I think she is a rock star and teaching genius.

That's all! Just 3! So hard!

Keep hoppin' along and singing your song..

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