Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Adding Bloglovin'

I'm claiming my blog on Bloglovin' since Google Reader will be gone in July. 
So sad :(

Also, since I'm actually posting, can anyone give me any information about the SAT 10?
 We were just told we will be administering this test to our Kinders and Firsties at the end of April.
 I'd love to know how long it is, how many sections, and what is being tested (preferably in reading - since that is what I teach!)

Miss you all and hopefully I'll get to blog more soon...


  1. Hi A. Monroe.
    Not sure what is the top of your post means. I'll google and see what I can find out.
    We did the sat 10 in the fall (for the first time) and will do the second round in April.
    It was a color booklet form with the answer choices on the same page. It was not common core aligned.
    My main issue with it was that there were several pages students hand to turn for some of the tests and I couldn't pace them. So, beginning of the year firsties being able to follow the go and stop prompts independently was iffy.
    There was phonics type testing, reading, math, science and social studies. We did not do the science or social studies.
    I will say, I didn't have anyone in tears the first go around. So, that is a positive.
    Good luck.

    School Is a Happy Place

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