Saturday, November 24, 2012

Is your TPT cart full yet?

Black Friday was CRAZY scary, but Cyber Monday is AWESOME! 
No more vultures out to trample you and no parking in the boonies...
Grab a comfy chair and log in for Cyber Monday. 
Move your wish list to your cart because TPT is having a sale!!
And so am I –
Hi again, It’s Jill,  Andi’s not so good at blogging sister.

My goal this year was to do a big ONE guest post a month.
August – took pics of Pete the Cat, my restyled brown and teal classroom,
posted zero, FAIL
September – more photos of a cute family lesson, having fun with brain breaks,
posted zero, FAIL
October – lost track of all photos, totally over whelmed with new (poorly written) report card and MARZANO, wanted to post a lot of waaa waaa stuff, posted zero (smart move),
November – made it through conferences, had my red hen in my class for a week (Little Red Hen) she was so good, even laid an egg each day for the kids to see and feel a warm fresh egg.

Oh my gosh, she is sooooo stinkin' cute. 
She was such a good sport, she loved recess. But alas, no post, FAIL
And then,
BEST Thanksgiving break in my 20 years of teaching - a WHOLE week!
I needed it desperately! 
I spent the first day creating my new science fair project into a TPT item – yay.

I now have 11 items in my little store :)
Had a great week doing family stuff, cooking 2 big 'ole Turkeys
and the family over for Dinner - Yum!
A side note of Thanksgiving: I am thankful Andi encouraged me to post a few of my ideas on TPT.  While the earnings are a small but pleasant bonus (and feeds my TPT addiction), the biggest reward is helping teachers and the nicest comments they leave.  No matter how my day is going, no matter how my evaluation process is going, I truly treasure my little emails that say someone has left a comment.  I realize you get points for leaving comments, but they still make a difference to me - Thanks! 

So, here, now I am finally doing a post! 
I loveeeee sales. 
I’m getting my cart ready as we speak – are you?
Enjoy ~ Jill :)

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