Monday, July 25, 2011

The Sky is Falling!

Once again this is not a teaching post. Sorry! But I am so jazzed about it that I have to share. My sister Jill (Kindergarten teacher) has always borrowed a hen from a local owner during her Farm Unit. (Which I always thought was gross!) But the kids LOVE it. They read to the hen. They share the responsibility of caring for her. They even take her to recess for goodness sakes!
In June, after discussing it with her husband, Jill decided to get some hens for the house. They live on five acres and have lots of room for a coop. Jill is an avid animal lover and owner. I can't remember a time when she hasn't owned a pet of some sort. Even when she went away to college, she had a parakeet. So, I wasn't too surprised when she told me that she was going to get hens of her own.
But we ALL were surprised (even her husband) when she came home with 9 little hens!
Jill made this after they named the hens.
The next step was building the coop. After scouring the inter-webs, we couldn't believe how much effort was involved with the chicken coop.
I mean, COME ON! This is nicer them some people's homes.
Building the coop was a process, but it needed to get completed soon. Those hens were growing fast!
the girls
After deciding on a plan and slowly gathering the lumber, netting, and wire, the coop was underway!
The kids loved playing in the house during the build.

Even the dogs wanted in the house!

Molly is getting the girls acclimated in their new digs.
Prior to the hen house, the hens were in a little coop that they kept on the back porch. As they kept growing, the lil coop was getting a bit tight. Until now, because the coop is finished and it is so cool!
Coop Complete!
The hens love their new home! However, the nighttime is a little scary for them, so Jill and Molly place them back inside their lil coop (which is inside the house.) I can't wait until they are full grown and start to lay eggs. It will be bananas!!

*Side note: Apparently, two of the hens are the type that will lay green eggs. So cool! I'll have green eggs for Dr. Seuss time!

We love Hoot!
Even though I am scared of the hens, I'm slowly beginning to love them, too. I even may ask Jill to borrow one for my class during our Farm unit!

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